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  • teninchwang teninchwang Jul 12, 2011 8:06 PM Flag

    Time to go back to the Library for Movies Again !

    Hey Bro- I thought I was the only one? I use the public library ALL the time for movies. GREAT and FREE. I am in Orange County CA and so with one library card can use about 15 county libraries. I reserve any movie for 25 cents- and they ship it to my local branch where I can pick it up and return it. They have da mn near as good a selection as Netflix a lot of the time. I stumbled onto it a while back- started looking up DVD's in the library catalog- and was like man- why haven't I been doing this all along. I get 2 or 3 movies at a time- can keep the newer ones a week- older movies you can keep 3 weeks. Yep- the PUBLIC LIBRARY- great for DVD entertainment.

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    • Your a Wise Man !
      you know what they say
      " Ignorance is Bli$$ "
      glad to see I'm not the only one who utilizes my property taxes
      rather than just pay them and Complain !
      if more peoples did
      we would need to put extensions on Libraries
      construction jobs would be created
      and then more Librarians would be needed
      and a good chance
      through reading
      and using the COMPUTERS THERE FOR FREE !
      zero ISP FEE's
      it's a win win for the Consumer !

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      • Yeah Joe- know what you mean. I'm still an ole library junky from way back- I'm 48. Some of my earliest memories and what motivated me to be a life long reader- was my Dad going for "his" books (he was an avid reader) and he'd turn me loose and let me go stroll the "kids" section- I'd get airplane books, astronaut books, astronomy, Hardy Boy's - all kinds of cool stuff. After I gathered up an armful of books- I'd head back and find Dad in the mystery section- tug on his sleeve- and we'd check out and head home. I also used to buy TONS of books at the bi-annual library used book sale (paid like 25 cents each)- the funds go to the "friends of the library" and help to buy newer books. So- I'm totally in with supporting the library- one of those "government" functions that really "works" and has a great return on investment. DVD's are just icing on the cake.

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