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  • gxstockholders gxstockholders Sep 19, 2011 1:03 PM Flag


    Delivering DVD's to door knobs while making their left turns throughout the densely populated are not probable but just prove that anything is possible.

    I am not truly suggesting that UPS is a top candidate planning to diversify into the DVD rental business. I'm suggesting there are situations sometimes unimagined before they occur. There is no telling what organization will likely be interested in what was fine bu itself before it was screwed with. An IPO? I doubt it.

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    • DVD delivery may be impacted if the USPS cuts back on delivery days. they already mentioned cutting Saturdays and possibly going to 3x/week. WOUld be tough for brown or white to delivery as they need to go up to the door. Mailboxes are part of the system.

      when do they announce the cost for getting games? that sounds promising.

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      • If, and I mean if you were to kick it around.... Saturday is a gonner if the USPS drops it anyway. The other (2) days would be light hybrid vehicle courier delivery coverage.

        The use of inexpensive lockable slotted boxes added to the post, back or sides of mail boxes with a quick pop of a rivet or a central members box in an apartment building.

        In sparsely populated areas you dump the outgoing load off at the USPS.

        They can have the name QuickFlix, QwikFlix or KwikFlix or such as the name.

        It's just a business....No obstacles there are too ummanagable....

        But that's just kicking it around. Here is of course the entry oppertunity for any future competitor smart enough to know what to NOT agree to.


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