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  • wheredafukarwe wheredafukarwe Sep 20, 2011 10:35 AM Flag

    I hope you understand the game by now

    Forbes, Cramer, Alpha, tech insiders, CNBC commentators and a paid parade of analysts gave Netflix a $325 - $380 price target by the end of the year just 3-4 months ago. Boy, it sounded so scrumptious and tempting, didn't it? Who do you think bails out of these intentional traps? It isn't the retail investors that read the boards, it is the insiders and institutions that leave you all hung out to dry. They are laughing without remorse all the way to their mansions.

    The game is to pay supporters to promote the stock, with the sole intent of transferring money from our pockets to their pockets, for which they thank all of you who play. If you promote this stock at these prices and you aren't getting paid for your services, you are either an insider with a direct interest in pumping or someone who is working for free.

    The last two months have opened a lot of eyes to reality... eyes that should have already been open, but refuse to believe in this insidious game that is replayed over and over and over.

    "Tech never crashes". "Strong businesses never die".

    Oh wait a minute, yes they do! That's the way the games work - they tease you into "believing" it will defy logic and gravity.

    "Ignore the earnings... ignore the P/E ratios... it will go higher and higher and higher". Then, as soon as their computerized models confirm a change in sentiment after luring a peak amount of YOUR capital, the duped masses are dealt a devastating blow, a "one-two" punch leaving them disoriented and their jaws drooping to the floor, wondering "what happened"?

    Netflix - A good business and a good model, but overpriced. It's that simple.

    Do what you want, but listen to the voice inside of you that emphasizes the reality of our present economy, never forgetting that if someone appears on television, they are likely getting paid.

    Whose voice do you trust? Theirs or yours?

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    • Welcome to the rigged Casino known as Wall St. where the syndicate sees the retail investor as a sucker


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      • That's just stupid. Study and understand the numbers. When the stock was at $300 the numbers told you that the company could not continue to grow subs at the rate it projected. I went short at that time and covered the following year. The numbers are telling you the same story. Sub growth rate is decelerating owing to many factors. You can play the swings of some shorts covering soon and some positive news the company will announce in coming months. I choose now to stay away from this story and the stock. It's a slow march to irrelevancy, IMHO. Good luck.

    • You left out the loser Tilson.

    • Netflix lost less than expected.

      At what point will the Looney Tunes theme song stop playing in the minds of remorseless shills, who insist that this company is still underpriced.

      "Netflix posted a loss of 8 cents per share... analysts on average had been expecting a 27-cent loss".

      What part of "loss per share" are so many people still not understanding? Even the analysts didn't expect much from the company, so why should you?

      The charade continues. I'll see you in a couple months.

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      • Focusing on wrong number.
        The most important number is rate of sub growth.
        What did that number reveal?
        Company came in barely within range.
        BUT company lowered its forecast for 2Q, which means sub growth rate is actually decelerating.
        It's worth repeating: sub growth rate is decelerating.
        This is worst possible news.
        Company is running out of money to pay for top content.
        Company will have increased competition.
        Company will have to Increse its sub growth rate by a big amount to reach its annual guidance for 7 million sub adds.
        Wall Street is telling you it doesn't think company will meet this number.
        Company can't lower prices.
        Not good news.

    • I see that the same games continues. No surprise.

      If it's any consolation, First Solar (FSLR) and NFLX were both backed by Cramer at one time. Look at a one-year chart for both and you'll understand the hopium that they were hooked on simultaneously.

      I'm not sure about FSLR, but Cramer continues to bash Netflix. A contrarian might consider this an opportunity to gamble, but after a person realizes that enough is enough, they stop playing the game. Please don't be taken in by the lure of easy money. It's only easy for them.

      Listen to your instinct, not your hopes. Unless you own massive servers, a seat on the exchange and multimillion dollar high frequency trading algorithms, you don't stand a chance in a rigged market. If you have been lucky enough to make any money, remember, YOU WERE LUCKY!

      Navigate this manipulated farce of a market with extreme caution, as if it is a mountainous road littered with sinkholes and no guardrails.

    • Since prosecution and fines are nonexistent for bad journalism and rumors, do you think this latest Verizon buyout gossip will prove to be the last.


      Verizon is one of Obama's biggest contributors. Doesn't that fact speak loudest of all?

      The boardrooms of these corporations are comprised of both customer deterioration teams as well as public sentiment specialists, tasked with retaining and generating revenue at all costs, from end user to stock investor. This is Wall Street for God's sake, does anyone really think ethics and morals will ever intervene to prevent a potentially explosive ploy aimed at duping the masses?

      The games aren't over. Don't watch the stock price of ANY gamble... observe the climate in which they operate and use the mute button on your television. This is no joke, it works! Steer clear of all these scams until clarity and fundamentals return.

      Rumors, hopes, plans, promises, anticipation, and the abuse of the words "may", "could" and "should" have dominated the mouths of the proponents and promoters. When message board salesmen, who flood each and every forum, have little more to offer than criticism and belittling, then the red lights and sirens that go off in your heads mean that you have caught on to their shenanigans, exposing them for what they are, and you are no longer willing to bankroll their empty claims.

      The best to you all.

    • One thousand shills must have passed these halls since my original post two months ago. You've read the praising delights from paid pumpers, determined to convince you that "this is the bottom". Alas, it was not.

      Never forget that a person's ability to present profound reasoning as to why Netflix is destined to "reverse any day now" does not make them right. It just makes them a more attractive employee to their bosses, nothing else.

      Trust YOUR instincts and embrace the fact that a cheap stock is cheap for several reasons, all of which will NEVER be conveyed by the mainstream media.

    • USA $ucked brains never want to understand it..poop suckers love scam poop paper bubbles

    • Another sure thing going the wrong way! Hype and more hype until reality meets hype! Reality wins!

    • Right on, so far only you that can put all these words together in hummen term.
      But there are still more funds investors and some insitutions still supporting NFLX share prices, but it is the lure from everyone to buy in while they are slowy moving out.


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