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  • fishjoat Sep 25, 2011 1:28 PM Flag

    Shout out to YourDeadMeat69!

    Great posting. Informative, rational and to top it off, entertaining!

    Thanks and keep up the great posts!

    Two Thumbs up.


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    • Thanguverry mush.

      I need help fighting the one star wonders. The shorts have made their money, but there are the greedy who haven't taken profit yet, and they get on my nerves because we've hit so many levels and bounced to land at $125-35, those of us at those levels are just happy to watch what unfolds.

      I use NASDAQ stock consultant, even tho it is a program analysis, because today's phantom trading platforms use just such a trigger buy and sell analysis. I think the top we can expect is closer to $150, but the bottom can float down to $115--that is why I sold calls at $120 and are protected to $110--this is too hard for me to go long "naked" without covered call protections.

      Yet, the signs are there for $135, and the shorts that haven't gotten out?

      If the market bounces off the close of US Friday, and the market moves forward on the movement forward to resolve the Greek crisis, that will tell me that the stock plunge is over if NFLX maintains it's range of $125-$135, and we'll have to wait for earnings.

      We shall see what we shall see.

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