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  • coolrobb Oct 5, 2011 5:08 PM Flag

    90% of outstanding shares are owned by institutions.

    This is specifically to that low life boiler room poster who earlier said that "no institutions are buying this POS"

    Keep up with the news and the upgrades people. And you bloggers who intentionally post your drab little remarks, use that time to look for a job - you guys influence no one, have no control over the price what-so-ever and only encumber yourselves more so in your already warped reality.

    Institutional ownership is detailed on, research for those of you that have it. The rest of you, go f yourselves!

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    • You're as dumb as a lemming as they make 'em. Read the tea leaves, Nutfux is DEAD. XBOX announced their own streaming, DISH/Blockbuster advertising and countless networks streaming premium content for free.

      Retail longs buying into the dead cat bounce are baggies. The glory days are over, accept it and move on. You'll make more in the long run buying bank stocks than buying Nutfux stocks.

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      • how does an internet based subscription based service for ~$15 per month compare to a MSFT/VZ or DISH service which is in essentially a monthly premium cable service which is more costly? Are you not comparing apples and oranges?

        also, correct me if I am wrong, but MSFT did not announce content deals or discounts through content providers via Fios right? And the XBox I believe is used to stream already by NFLX - nothing new there either right?

        while NFLX will go by way of the dino at some point, it is not now, reason being is wall street is still pumping "streaming" as the next frontier for some reason . . . not sure why but they are . . .

      • coolrobb Oct 6, 2011 3:17 AM Flag

        One last thing tryingman - it says you're 33, but did you ever go to school? Never really mastered the three R's there numb nuts, ha,ha,ha!

        Make sure you proofread that job application to Denny's before turning it in...keep trying fry cook man!

      • coolrobb Oct 6, 2011 3:10 AM Flag

        Ha...still using "dead cat bounce". Over and done with long ago schmuck.

        Later douche - boarding the red eye to Philadelphia for game 5 Friday night. Have a great time listening to those crickets inside the cave you live in.

    • sajbpliu Oct 5, 2011 10:49 PM Flag

      It appears that the shorts's posts influence no one but you- to get you to post such an angry response. Oh the shorts have such power to control the weak minded.

    • Ok, so your point is that institutions are dumb enough to buy this POS, too? OK

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