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  • whatdidido1970 whatdidido1970 Oct 23, 2011 5:57 AM Flag

    Longs may have deserved the tanking but shorts at this level deserve

    whats coming.You go from 300+++ to 110 in a few months and have basically no bounce to speak of.Anyone short here deserves to get killed.Would you BUY if it ran from 120 to 300 in a few months time??? NOPE!!!! and thats my point.You missed the move up in 120 to 300 case ad you missed the move down in the 300 to 120 case.Greed and chasing works in both directions.

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    • I'm guessing these longs are NOT the ones that ran it up to 300 -- I would guess these are the ones that were disappointed that they could not step up during that time and play. I think if these were the original longs, they would be more realistic. Wannabes always, however, wanna be!

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      • The longs here are buying as a trade, not an investment. The longs at 200+ were buying this as a growth investment, not a trade. So, yes, this is a different group of longs looking at the short-term. Long-term I will not argue that this company will eventually entropy itself due to the crumbling moat around the business model.

        I strangled figuring 1 of 2 will happen - they will have an abysmal report and tank, or the report will be decent with positive guidance sending it to the 130+ level. I see Hastings playing this for at least one more scheming quarter before the growth slowdown is made 100% reality.

    • My only question would be why the short interest is decreasing ? it should be going up because everyone is saying they will fail and will never make any money.

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      • The sentiment is that they will paint a pretty picture and have a good quarter, which will temporarily raise the stock - mvmt will depend on the numbers. Short term up, but next quarters will really show if growth is dead/decreasing, which would tank it down and quickly.

        Short interest is likely dropping as those who shorted at 200+ are now covering to lock in profits in case the quarter is bad. Or they hedge by buying calls in case of a dramatic upshoot on the stock to lock in a profit.

    • you're an idiot. what makes you think shorts just short. i follow trends. if its going in. if its going in. its all about the direction and the money. a moron like you deserves what YOU get. you want to be long only...good for you...and good luck. i rode thsi up in both directions...and sure as s...i'll ride it back up if it heads in that direction.

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      • I don't get your message at all...You're AGREEING WITH THE WRITER AND calling him a moron at the same time??? Maybe you should read his post a little more carefully.

        REMEMBER WE (LONGS) ARE ON THE SAME SIDE RIGHT NOW...I was short for part of the journey down NEVER BELIEVING that it would decline anywhere near the levels (about 2/3rds from peak to trough) of decline that it did...That said I totally agree with you that it was way too far in the negative direction and short of a catastrophic report AND guidance (NOT GONNA HAPPEN) Netflix is poised for a huge (with volatility as always) bounce back...I believe it will take our $200 before year end, but no matter what 30-40% gains from here are EXTREMELY LIKELY.

      • there seems to be this idea that shorts want the stock to go down because we are short. As Dag points out, we are short because we think the stock WILL go down. We had the thought first and then put on the position, not put on the position in hopes that the facts would change. To think otherwise to me is a pretty naive theory.

      • On wall street is nothing guaranteed and doesn't matter how much it came down they will still sell hard if the numbers are bad. If you are long or short and only trading, best strategy would be to hedge your position using options. If you are risk averse, get out of the position and wait to see the earnings and then get in either short or long. You may miss that 10% move but will save you lot of pain.

      • good point! Plus, the price is not about morality, it is about what a buyer, seller, and market maker think the stock is worth. Personally I think a lot of longs should be hosed just because they are acting ignorantly. But that is not what a stock is about. IT rains profits and losses on the just and the unjust! Like you said, put your money up and see how it plays!

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