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  • kenkam10 kenkam10 Jan 25, 2012 7:29 PM Flag

    Your Choice - Buy now $109, or $120 Tomorrow

    Your choice ! This will head to $120 for sure.

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    • Really, why? They barely met expectations. Look at how AAPL traded to day compared with AH yesterday - way down from the initial surge, despite a blow-out quarter.

    • 120 is really pushing it. Im saying 115, thats a 20% increase from todays close. Thats extremely likely IMO

    • Suckers : dump at the open or get banged by mf thug reed hastings scam gang next

      $400m scam funds via barry mccarthy at technology cross ventures 14 minutes ago
      $400m scam funds via barry mccarthy at technology cross ventures in hurry and secretly

      current cc: question was asked and mf criminal reed hastings trying to dodge it and in the end said he needed the funds for ce devices as our projections were wrong

      but real facts are as follows:

      mf criminal reed hastings and his scam gang in early stages planning for short squeeze bubble raised $200m at 8.75% in early 2010 and used the funds for buy backs to create short squeeze along with $150m+ line of credit funds at wells fargo used up too for bubble fraud loot ponzi play book scam
      streaming/dvd by mail combined with very cheap offering at $7.99 knowingly that in the end they won't be able to pay their bills by sucking too many subscribers by over paying for content.

      first fraud research report was written by scott dewitt and ingrid chung at morgan stanley and goldman sachs

      entire float was held by these crime partners back in jan 2010

      insider reed hastings gang
      technology cross ventures who funded the scam
      goldman sachs
      morgan stanley and

      this gang created short squeeze bubble and manipulated and are still manipulating for scam loot in billions via weekly derivatives and fraud phantom volume which can not be explained by any on in usa yet?

      robert khuzami criminal gang has provided a protection shield and the scam loot is fear less

      and look at the free loot by insiders with $1.5 stock options with buy back with debt , balance sheet rape crossed over billion

      over billion plus cashed by technology cross ventures in grand theft planning and execution too

      barry mccarthy sudden exit and than joins technology cross ventures and controlling free loot and the next scam episode is as follows:

      in september 2011 quarter : we found out 182,00 shares buy back at $218 and balance e sheet became insolvent........

      and what unfolds next: mf criminal reed hastings quietly in a hurry arranged $200m funding from barry mccarthy and for other $200m lured trowe criminals to join in for next phase of fraud short squeeze loot scam........and precisely executed right here in jan2012

      look at this red flag: trowe gets shares at $70 and they were free to play scam for short squeeze and loot along with reed hastings scam gang

      and barry mccarthy scam deal is more interesting and begs interrogation to find out real facts.

      convertible at $11.oo and look at how fast the convertibility will get triggered ? November 2012............and how much will barry mccarthy loot with this deal again?

      where are fbi folks tracking white collar crime in usa now?
      what about criminal division folks at department of justice?
      where is robert khuzami scam gang at "sec' enforcement division?

      all whistles blown in usa but fraud is fearless and even price/volume fraud can not be explained by any watch dog agency in usa now?

    • These amateur shorts are going to have to find a new stock to "bother." LOL Either that or they will get FUGGED OVER if they keep playing their games with this great company.

      Notice how quick the old girl bounced back with 600,000 new subscribers.

      STRONG BUY...


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