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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Oct 12, 2012 9:50 AM Flag


    Retail pumper suckers=no new s suckers available for this scam bubble it is manipulation gang and the shorts final round wrestling match and criminal gang is distributing via short covering,,,,,,and scam is being set for a crash by manipulation gang.......... it is called the scam play book in reverse to slaughter sucker bag holder bullies the scam................can not fly anymore retail escape from the scam bubble asap....... these criminals have no mercy for sucker bag holder longs too be warned= all these scam spin loyalty survey news criminal thug and gang has no loyalty to netflix scam bubble stock they loot and flee and scam will go to zippo but criminal thug reed hastings looted all no loyality to netflix scam bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hello worldcon/enron/dotcom/madoff

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    • Competitive Advantages over Netflix:

      Amazon: cheaper ($79 a year) which includes two day shipping on all items you purchase with Amazon. The video library is not as good as Netflix, however. If it was, they'd drive Netflix out of business for sure.

      Coinstar/ Verizon: Due out later this year, their service will offer newer movies on demand. Coinstar itself really capitalized on Netflix's Quixster moment, as many people who used to get their DVD's from Netflix, are now getting them cheaply, and on the same day, when they go to the grocery store.

      Other than first mover advantage, and the 24 million subscribers the company already has, there really should be no reason that Netflix's profits shouldn't decline amidst this massive wave of competition. The stock price has been hammered, falling as low as $52.81, 80% from its highs.

      Many retail investors have been asking how much further the stock could drop, "it's starting to look much more reasonable valuation wise," is a refrain I have heard much more often over the last month or two.

      The challenge for Netflix's it has no leverage over content. With all the other distributors, and the production companies having the option to distribute it directly themselves, Netflix's content acquisition costs have risen into the stratosphere faster than a space shuttle. And much of the content that users would like to stream ("Curb Your Enthusiasm" in my case) will never be available on the web site, as HBO strategically keeps it for itself.

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      • The Netflix Crash

        Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) buyback problems are old news, but it serves a good example of the red flag mentioned above. Throughout 2011 Netflix spent $199 Million on share buybacks at an average price of $221 per share. I’m not even going to show you a graph because if you’re reading this you know Netflix has crashed to the ground. This is why I hesitate to invest in companies repurchasing shares near a 52 week high. Netflix was on my watch list and I remember thinking they should be using that extra cash for better or more content for streaming purposes.

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