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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Oct 16, 2012 8:53 AM Flag


    when will proven Criminal REED HASTINGS SCAM GANG FLEE next?

    Breaking News: Oct 16, 2012

    When will this Criminal crook Mark Mahaney fired and put in Jail?

    Thomas Jefferson and Eisenhower warned us long time ago:
    I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.
    Thomas Jefferson, (Attributed)
    3rd president of US (1743 - 1826)
    Hey Vikram Pandit, can you ask your Crook Analyst Mark Mahaney, How did he get contact Information of Netflix subscribers to do his survey for this Fraud PUMP/DUMP Loot Research report right before the upcoming earnings report? For your Information this criminal played the same scripted Scam Pump/Dump report before last "e' report and we know , how big criminal fraud that was?

    Mail to:
    Citi Ethics Office
    1 Court Square, 47th floor
    Long Island City, N.Y. 11101

    Vikram Pandit,

    Your Biggest Crook star Analyst Mark Mahaney has been committing fraud with all proven fraud research reports on Netflix(NFLX) stock for almost 3 years, despite my ongoing warning, the crook is fearless and laugh at me to commit more fraud. Check the record, he is proven criminal playing fraud for pump/dump loot scam with Fraud Earnings estimates, Target Prices and always proven wrong. His timing on scam pumps are very clever for dumping before upcoming earnings. USA working class pensions are going bust and why? because you criminals are playing fraud for your own trading benefits with "HFT" scam machines

    Hey Vikram Pandit, can you ask your Crook Analyst Mark Mahaney, How did he get contact Information of Netflix subscribers to do his survey for this Fraud PUMP/DUMP Loot Research report right before the upcoming earnings report? For your Information this criminal played the same scripted Scam Pump/Dump report before last "e' report and we know , how big criminal fraud that was?

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • New slogan in usa

      wall street is now pure fraud street casino and rigged with all scam legislation against 99% working class and all fraud loot protection for corporate thugs and bankster financial terrorists at s.e.c enforced and all loot manipulation scam weapons at their disposal

      loot/scam/bang usa 99% working class pension contributions in billions with dark pools and high frequency trading machines with fraud price/volume manipulation without any fear

      if, by mistake you are caught? No problem come to mary schapiro/robert khuzami/robert cook scam watch parasites at s.e.c and pay little fine, no trials and keep your loot in billions and you are free to go back and start your scam loot asap.................

      gene burnett - jump you f*#kers (a song for wall street)

      cramer manipulation

      youtube videos

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      • WEDBUSH notes
        Netflix (NFLX - UNDERPERFORM): Streaming Service to Launch in Nordic Countries by
        End of 2012; Will Lead to Q4 Loss, as Expected; Maintaining Estimates, UNDERPERFORM Rating, $45 PT

        • Last night, Netflix announced that it will launch in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and
        Finland in late 2012. Netflix previously announced in its Investor Letters that it would open an
        additional attractive European market in Q4. The Nordic streaming service will feature a low
        monthly price and an array of content (Hollywood, local, and global television shows and movies),
        with many titles available in high definition with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. Netflix will
        announce details about content, pricing, and supported devices closer to the actual launch.

        • We expect Netflix to penetrate the Nordic countries at a similar rate to its UK
        penetration. With a high education rate and high household incomes in the Nordic countries, Netflix
        should be able to avoid many of the challenges that it has experienced in Latin America, including
        low device penetration, weak Internet infrastructure, and consumer payment challenges. In addition,
        Nordic viewers will likely have a higher level of proficiency in the English language, potentially
        limiting dependence on subtitles, and they endure long winters, increasing the need for in-home

        • Nordic expansion is expected to lead to a loss in Q4. After earning $0.11 in Q2, and
        guiding to $(0.10) – 0.14 in Q3, Netflix expects a Q4 loss, likely due to the marketing expense and
        content costs associated with the Nordic launch. However, the Nordic launch will likely have a
        limited impact on top-line growth in the near term due to a stronger affinity for localized
        content, particularly movies, than in Canada (Netflix’s first international launch), and a smaller
        population (≈ 25 million) than Latin America and the British Isles (the second and third
        international launches).

        • Interestingly, the Netflix announcement mentioned “TV shows” before “movies”, and
        its domestic television advertising has adopted the same order. We think that this is a subtle
        acknowledgment that Netflix will offer an increasing mix of lower-cost television programming, and
        will continue to play hardball with movie studios on constantly increasing rights fees for
        Hollywood movie content.

        • Maintaining our FY:12 estimates, which already reflect the Q4 European launch. We expect
        revenue of $3.65 billion and
        EPS of $0.03, compared to consensus for revenue of $3.61 billion and EPS of $0.01. There is no
        detailed financial guidance.

        • In our view, FY:13 consensus EPS of $0.95 remains too high. The company has clearly
        articulated its strategy of alternating periods of expansion (losses) with periods of
        profitability, making sustained profitability elusive. We expect Netflix to operate at roughly
        break-even until it has completed its international land grab later this decade. At our FY:13 EPS
        estimate of $0.50, the stock closed yesterday at roughly 120x earnings, and should consensus
        estimates drop closer to our estimate, we think that shares could trade closer to our $45 price

        • We continue to view full-year domestic streaming net adds guidance as unrealistic. Netflix
        expects 2012 domestic streaming net additions of ≈ 7 million. With 1.74 million domestic streaming
        net adds in Q1 and 0.53 million more in Q2, Netflix must add approximately 4.73 million over the
        second half of the year to hit its target. This implies a 32/68 split between
        1H and 2H, even more aggressive than its historical 41/59 split.

        • Maintaining our UNDERPERFORM rating and 12-month price target of $45. Our price target is
        15x our sustainable EPS estimate of $3, which we believe is attainable (albeit aggressive) only if
        Netflix forsakes growth at all costs and raises prices. Our multiple is in line with the company’s
        long-term growth rate.

        • Risks to the attainment of our share price target include: a sudden increase in subscriber
        growth, declining competition from other movie rental competitors, lower than expected costs for
        content, technology development and deployment, and improving macroeconomic factors.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Demon-Rats and Repo-Cons turned USA into pure Ponzi scam Nation


      The IBs take in your money with their investment product offerings which seem to come out almost daily. They take that money and manipulate the stock market with it so you lose money. Then they pay themselves outrageous salaries and bonuses and pay their shareholders in this case 1% dividends.

      Contrary to what the media thinks, insider trading is only a very small part of the problem with W.S. The part in which W.S. makes most of it's money is through stock manipulation. One fine recent example? Apple. Apple one of the most profitable companies in the U.S. went from $640 to $560. Think of all the long money taken by the IBs on that little move! All the way down longs are thinking ooh this is a bargain but no it just keeps going down. History is replete with examples like this. Look at AMZN. An outrageously over priced stock. All the way up shorts are thinking it is overvalued and they short it. The shorts are of course correct it is way overpriced but the IBs know it and they manipulate the stock ever higher taking shorts money all the way up. The mispricing of stocks is the primary way W.S. makes money. Don't ever forget this

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX): Still An "Avoid"

        Unlike Sirius, Netflix just doesn't have the magic. It's funny that it took a price hike that ticked off customers for the Street to appreciate the company's vulnerabilities. Specifically, it doesn't have a sustained competitive edge. From piracy to proliferation of free legal mediums, like Hulu and YouTube, video content is becoming increasingly scorned when a price tag is attached. Thus the worsening brand image of Netflix.

        That's why it makes sense to look at an Netflix investment in terms of what earnings it can reasonably generate and whether this is enough to justify the current valuation. Analysts forecast 22.8% annual EPS growth over the next 5 years. I find this much too optimistic. But, assuming Netflix grows EPS by 20% annually over the next half decade, 2016 EPS would come out to $4.53. It would take a 24x multiple for the stock to justify its current price tag at a discount rate of 10%. This easily warrants holding off in the stock.

        Perhaps most disconcerting is Amazon's introduction of a video library that undercuts Netflix's current price offering. If Netflix no longer has the brand image to leverage, then what can it rest on? Redbox, which is basically a vending machine that lets you rent movies for as low as $1 with coupons, further cuts into Netflix's price and comes with the added bonus of quick delivery - even if it has to be picked up. I thus recommend avoiding the stock and not hallucinating that it will return to its stratospheric ~$300 price any time soon.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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