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  • gruen7 gruen7 Oct 24, 2012 10:09 PM Flag

    Seems like there is nothing left to make this go up or down

    You could very well see Netflix trade for 100 a share in December. Smart people can see what he is doing takes a year or so to position solidly global, he has positioned netflix to dominate the future and he is always making sure the streaming and interface is the easiest, the most enjoyable, and best to look at on these new smart tv's.....most futuristic with the newest toys, the newest tv's are so much better, more fun and way different then those just a couple years ago. I can't even imagine those coming out at the end of 2013 christmas. I am sure Reed has some good patents and that he will be submitting some of his menus so they are not copied on the best newest smart tv's.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Ok, so given they get back to $2 a year... maybe. With the growth story gone and a normal PE this is a $30 stock. In the FUTURE. At BEST!

      This is not a long term investment.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Really swags? From a perma bear too? I do see your logic somewhat, but what doesn't seem to be getting through longs heads is that cashflow was negative this past quarter and will continue to be for the forseeable future. This stock is like pavlov's dogs for an upgrade, that seems unlikely right now though. I can see the stock trending up tomorrow to screw with the shorts who haven't covered and suck in some more retailers. I suspect any bounce will be short lived, but I have to admit I'm a little concerned shorterm as this isn't following the pattern it did last quarter where it went down 3 or 4 days straight.

        I wish there was more discussion of their Scandanavian expansion on here. To me it was absolutely moronic and I'll eat my remaining Dvds if this market ever becomes profitable.

    • you clearly have no international experience. Their approach to expansion is without vision, poorly executed, too fast and the road to ruin. Latin America is a clusterf*ck -will never get profitable. UK and Scandinavia are just too competitive and not big enough for more than one or two players. They have no presence and start up with an ad blitz that lasts about 9 months and flames out. Canada is about breakeven, but no more room for growth. They will never make money again, most likely. If they execute perfectly maybe $2-$3 a year with a lot of luck.

      No smart people would put a penny in this guaranteed loser.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Cord-cutting in markets outside the US is less of an issue for for Hollywood and Netflix are getting better content deals there. This will lead to better growth in international markets than the US for now. When Netflix have the revenue to take on cable then cord-cutting is no longer an issue for Hollywood in the US. How is DirectTV, who have to produce dishes and then send out technicians in fully equiped trucks to drill holes in your roof and hope that you get a good signal, going to compete against Netflix. DirectTV has a market cap of 30 billion and Netflix's market cap is only 3.5 billion and they do the same thing - distribute video for Hollywood.

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    • I could see santa stuck in my chimney to but that ain't likeley to happen either !!!!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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