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  • tagetlocman tagetlocman Nov 3, 2012 10:42 PM Flag

    Isn't the point of running a business to make money?

    Well it just seems so strange with so many people speaking of companies readying billions of dollars to buy NFLX, a company with massive off balance sheet debt coming due within 2 years, almost non-existant growth potential, and little to no earnings. Just trying to figure out why Icahn or MSFT or anybody thinks it's a good idea to pay 60, 70 or $90/share for such a company, and what exactly are they buying besides a name and a customer list?

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    • Wow, people on these boards are extremely dumb. Netflix has over 30 million happy paying customers and 2013 is going to be netflixs best streaming year yet. Facebook has repeat visitors who pay, what, oh yah, zero for their service. Recently, Hulu was bought for $200 million, nearly, $1000 per sub. Do the math, idiot. Netflix is worth at least three times what it's Market cap is. Quit losing money on your pathetic tiny amount you short. Read what's going on.

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      • Why do you feel the need to get nasty? Is it because you are offended by the truth? Their PE is massive. Both TTM and forward. This is based on company supplied guidance, out of the horses' mouth. I suggest you do the math sir. Because if you are expecting NFLX to grow into a 160 fwd PE in one year then I've got a bridge I want to sell you. NFLX has stopped growing in the US, and there is no barrier to entry worldwide. Anyone can set up and provide this service. Many are ramping theses services up as we speak. So go ahead and continue the name calling. I'll just take your money. Nobody is buying this company at a premium to the stock price you now see. I'll make one more prediction. NFLX is going to do a stock sale in the near term to raise cash. Watch and see.

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      • "Wow, people on these boards are extremely dumb" do you even realize that you're the perfect exemple of what you're saying !!!!!!

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