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  • werollalong werollalong Nov 16, 2012 9:50 AM Flag

    With the market as strong as it is, and the World situation filled with peace

    I'm sure companies with lots of cash would love to buy a company that will use that cash up! Uh-huh! You guys buy a lot on credit, don't you? Don't know how to make money, just spend it. You don't make money by buying someone else's debt and junk.

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    • I bet money people will want to hold this stock over the weekend, in to Thanksgiving week, in hopes that someone who has not come forward in 2 years, will come. Meanwhile, war in the Middle East and a fiscal cliff to go over. Yep -- I bet they will hold this stock hoping this is AOL and TW, rather than Chesapeake or Yahoo. Icahn's already got $21 profit a share in his calls -- do you?

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      • of course there are the unemployed with their largesse of benefits -- they will be adding to their Nflx subscriptions as fast as they can -- they are free subscriptions, but, heh, they will be subscribers. And they will get their aunts, cousins, brothers-in-law and other unemployed people to add to Nflx. Hey, profits don't matter! Margins don't matter! Carl Icahn thinks he can sell this to someone -- at it is either Yahoo, Microsoft, T-mobile, ATT, Texaco, Google, someone else, who did not show up when the stock was $52. We don't know WHO is buying it, but we know it is being bought! "AND WE WON"T TAKE $129 CUZ IT IS TOO LITTLE MONEY!" Cuz Carl Icahn bought -- over $20 ago. Of course, he didn't buy the stock -- he bought 2014 options. It will be interesting if he holds them in to 2013!

      • Weroll, What a difference in viewpoint!

        You options traders crystal ball the days ahead. Us daytraders can't think past lunch.

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