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  • wforty wforty Jan 8, 2013 12:46 PM Flag

    Look manipulation by computers to dump on you. In fact no one buying this at all

    you are out of your mind to buy this after so much run..

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    • RE: your last couple of posts.

      Amazon looks much worse from a value standpoint. Why lugs insist on viewing speculative stocks through the fundamentals-colored glasses is beyond me. What's your point?

      While some manipulating is likely, the culprit does not appear to be computer trading as you assert. They position on both sides (buy and sell) mining accumulating pressure (volume on each side and distance from strike price) which signal price direction. This is exactly the same as a daytrader gets in front of a big block because he knows it will stall traffic, only much faster with more volume and more minutely. They clear to cash eventually, which is why you often see predictable reverses during the day. They amp volume and movement during the day, not manipulate.

      I don't like it. IMO the options markets and short-term trading are potentially destabilizing, a concession to investment houses, quick buck smalltimers and discount brokerage firms. But it is the world today.

      There is definitely legitimate trading in NFLX contrary to what you say. That is obvious looking at institutional ownership over time. This stock is largely held by big institutions and mutual funds. They adjust positions, like during the recent Icahn move and higher price target announcements which prompted several to raise their stake.

      You can complain and make uninformed remarks or learn and profit.

      Profit is better.

      by singhlion2001 . Dec 24, 2012 10:00 AM . Permalink
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