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  • summerismyfav1 summerismyfav1 Jan 25, 2013 1:32 AM Flag

    Is the market rigged? Short selling vs Long

    Of course it is and thats a GOOD thing! And stop it with the MM's already. MM's get caught with insider trading and arrested so if they were as powersful as some believe, there woudlnt be a need to trade on inside info. They could just move a stock in whatever direction they choose and profit. Hellooooo! They are on the wrong side of a trade sometimes also. I always go long and I love love LOVE the shorts because they have been shorting shares down to ridiculously low levels and thats when I buy. I dont short specifically because of what happened here on wed. The only negative about the short sellers is that its become such a profitable position against a stock that most investors are short sellers now. Its more popular now than ever but at some point the game is up. Not so much easy money anymore. Seeing signs of it now

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