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  • holywallst holywallst Jan 28, 2013 6:18 PM Flag

    Loaded to my eyeballs in CALL options for an overnight bounce trade

    and yes, it was my 5th trade today. Usually I daytrade only but I bought CALLs at $161 level during late afternoon drop as I believe the MMs will bounce this sometime tomorrow AT LEAST ONCE

    So it will make for a good overnight bounce trade. I will sell my CALLs once the MMs bounce the stock price from these levels. EASY MONEY. any questions????

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    • Oh well . . . maybe next time.

    • Uh, yeah...just one: Are you INSANE? If you're expecting an overnight bounce in this, you could be sorely disappointed. It rolled over this a.m. @ 177 after a parabolic move up. Yes, you 'might' get a bounce at some point within the next few weeks after it's corrected back down to maybe the 140's - because it's insanely overbought right here! You didn't say when your expiration was on these options, but I hope for your sake it's longer than this Friday. I bought the 170 put this a.m. when it was still out of the money, expiring Friday next week, and I already got a 42% gain - should get a lot more by the end of the week. Market is pulling back here - be careful..if you get a chance to cover those at few bucks profit, take it!

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      • I have Feb exp options but I dont plan to hold my current CALLs for more than I have to

        1st bounce tomorrow, first sign of decent profit, and I am cashing out, but only to load those CALLs again at the very next sharp dip to scalp for another bounce play.

        Remember, valuations dont matter anymore when it comes to bubbles. Bubbles keep getting bigger and bigger ever so slowly and sure one day it may burst and pull a Blockbuster on y'all but that day is still slightly away for now (i hope)

    • Yes, buying into a stock that distributed out all day and closed at the low of the day. Was that smart normally???

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