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  • sybil_lives sybil_lives Jan 28, 2013 9:28 PM Flag

    Sybs iz back, sheitheadz.... Sybil stepped over the burnt bodiez of dead shorts like it waz a brazillian night club

    and opened up a salty short position of 1500 sharez.... 1st time back frm making final coverz in late 2011 at a buck twenty.... This pig iz fixin to pay sybby again.... Fantastic short....

    To the dead crackhead put buyerz and dying shorts.... Final margin maintenance requirements must be met by thursday at 3:00pm ... The robots got you trapped in that burning night club, and they aint gonna let you out..... In fact they may even throw a high pressure pump hose of gas at you through the barred windowz to fry you some more.... Sybs will short another lot in your memoriez on thursday, perhaps at 195 ish if the bots thrown some napam plus some c4 on the building......

    The shorts, put buyerz, weak and strong alike simply are getting fvcken roasted.... Goody.... Sybs loves a good ol fashioned pain trade... Sorry about your luck, and thank you in advance. :)

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    • Welcome Sybs! You wit and humor is always welcome. I had to divert some AMZN short funds to this disaster in the making. Got in too early ... late in the day Friday. But doubled up this morning at 175+. I'd like to see this crash tomorrow so I can roll back into AMZN before 4. Expecting some exploding pig carcass tomorrow afternoon. - PJ

      p.s. Just got back from the asylum...Naz was running around with a tube of K-Y screaming your name, might want to stay away from him for the time being.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Sybs also know as dribs must see through the same lenses I do. I just came back to my NFLX short position after this pump scam. Good to see sing is still posting about NFLX demise too.

      I was also short Scamazon back in the early 200's until I figured out that they can keep that scam going forever, due to the infatuation with Bezos. I seem to remember a time when we were also short CMG at the same time. Right on 2 out of 3 isn't bad.

      Unfortunately, we will not enjoy as steep of a decline this go,around on NFLX because it won't ever get to 300 again. I may revisit the CMG short position soon as that pig is starting to get bloated again.

      Long Apple through the end of this week, until the temporary rip is over.

    • LOL did you used to post on the LEH, MER and BSC stock boards? Something sounds familiar.

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