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  • basicknowledge Feb 1, 2013 10:17 AM Flag

    Act of Desperation - See House of Cards for first episode

    It really must be bad, to force them to open this 100 Million Lemon show, to everyone.
    The worst part, is they forgot what regular weekly shows were all about. It's about watching a weekly show, and then talking about it around the water cooler with friends. Being able to watch all of them, and your friends are behind on many episodes, means they can't talk or relate to the experience.
    Netflix got this one ALL wrong.

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    • Review:

      "Dear god, someone got the online formula right! Great cast, great writing, beautiful execution. Like a reverse negative of Westwing with the sort of frenetic scheming politico junkies survive on. Also, and this may be the most important item, they put the whole thing up in one go! THIS is straight up ballsy, and its just 100% NETFLIX. Pay attention folks, THIS is how netflix needs to hit the networks. Give it to us how we want it, with out strings or contract breaks and gimmicks. Go get'em guys, you have my support."

    • Review:

      "What an amazing show! Here is why I LOVE Netflix and why I signed up again just to see this show... I was so tired of seeing amazing shows on the broadcast networks get cancelled immediately or moved into terrible timeslots which usually means a slow death. Arrested Development, Studio 60, Freaks and Geeks, Better Off Ted...the list goes on and on. I know there has been a lot of talk about whether it was smart for Netflix to release all of the episodes for House of Cards at once, but I think this is brilliant. The only reason to program them in a standard timeslot once a week is because networks need to try and find the highest concentration of people to watch at once. Netflix doesn't rely on advertising so what do they care whether people watch all the episodes at once or one at a time. As long as people love the show and are keeping their Netflix subscription, that's all that matters and the show won't get cancelled at the whim of some stupid Network Executive who would rather see another episode of "Deal or No Deal" because it's cheap to produce and gets the same or more viewers than a wonderful, scripted show. I truly hope that Netflix can be the new place for great television shows to come and not have to worry about cancellation for something other than viewers not liking it."

      My comment: It's a new paradigm, nothing less. A copernican-type revolution putting the consumer at the center of the experience.

    • A reviewer:

      "I'm only through episode six so far, but I'm only stopping because I actually need to sleep. This show had me at "I love that woman. I love her more than sharks love blood." I've seen the UK original show and this one is just as good. Robin Penn Wright -- well, let's just say some things only get better with age. Good lord, she looks as terrific as she acts. And Kevin Spacey delievers his Richard The III-like asides with a wonderfully devilish relish. His Frank Underwood walks with a whiff of sulphur. He is a tour de force -- manipulating, machinating, and laying waste to everything and everyone -- like an existential tornado."

      My comment: Netflix serves its customer base, the ones who keep clamoring for bingeworthy drama. Netflix is the only major TV service which directly interacts with the consumer. The premium channels must concern themselves with the cable operators, and the broadcast channels must serve their advertisers.

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