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  • nflxlong nflxlong Feb 15, 2013 4:45 PM Flag


    basher pos ur doommmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Red alert in usa
      no way to stop fraud loot by reed hastings/goldman sachs/technology cross ventures/morgan stanley led scam gang till these criminals are hanged in a public square and loot seized asap

      where is fbi? Doj/ s.e.c finra????????????

      criminal reed hastings /goldman sachs/morgan stanley financial terrorists scam gang have to be hanged in public square and loot seized from them
      accounting fraud
      what is netflix hiding and why?

      biggest scam loot with all fraud cook book/massive price volume manipulation fraud in netflx trading pit continues with full protection provided by all watch dog agencies and high treason criminal rulers in usa....all scams put to shame by criminal thug reed hastings scam gang

      fbi/doj/s.e.c/finra all working fro fraud street bankster financial terrorist in usa

      99% are history in usa without revolution: red alert in usa
      4 secretive ways wall street extorts you
      by les leopold [2] - alternet

      red alert in usa: usa hijacked by home grown financial al qaeda led by bankster terrorists , send navy seals to smoke out s.e.c. Tora bora caves
      is obama gang involved in this loot scam in usa? How can this fraud continue this long and without any fear for fraud loot??

      s.e.c. Criminals transfer my call to white house and why?

      why john ramsey changed his phone number at s.e.c?
      why he hired one puppet at s.e.c. Front desk to block lion calls and play music on me?

      why all s.e.c. Criminal watch parasite gang hide behind voice mails?

      why did mary schapiro/robert khuzami/robert cook/chief council resign at almost at same time?

      why criminal robert khuzami try to play fraud by sending wells notice only to reed hastings instead of charging the scam gang with massive fraud loot via price/volume manipulation by nexus scam gang holding concentrated positions and massive fraud by reed hastings/barry mccarthy/jay hoag/goldman sachs/morgan stanley ..the fraud planning and execution scam gang since jan 2010???

      dated jan 31, 2013
      red alert in usa:
      volume is dead as no more suckers available plus short squeeze can not enforced again and this scam gang will do phony trades among their own "hft" scam machines and plan next pump/dump scam again

      fraud nexus reed hastings scam gang with concentrated holding and price/volume massive manipualtion fraud continues with full protection provided by all watch dog agencies in usa

      netflix bankrupt twice and still massive fraud loot allowed by s.e.c. Criminal watch parasites in usa
      netflix probably should be bankrupt, stock closer to zero

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • here is all criminals ta S.EC. contact info

      CALL THEM:
      Commissioners Terms expire June 5
      Elisse B. Walter, Chairman
      (202) 551-2100 2012
      Luis A. Aguilar
      (202) 551-2500 2015
      Troy A. Paredes
      (202) 551-2700 2013
      Daniel M. Gallagher
      (202) 551-2600 2016
      Principal Offices

      SEC Headquarters
      100 F Street, NE
      Washington, DC 20549

      Office of the Chief Operating Officer
      Jeff Heslop, Chief Operating Officer
      (202) 551-2200

      Office of the General Counsel
      Geoffrey Aronow, General Counsel
      (202) 551-5100

      Division of Corporation Finance
      Lona Nallengara, Acting Director
      (202) 551-3120

      Division of Enforcement
      George Canellos, Acting Director
      (202) 551-4500

      Division of Investment Management
      Norm Champ, Director
      (202) 551-6720

      Division of Risk, Strategy, and Financial Innovation
      Craig Lewis, Director
      (202) 551-6600

      Division of Trading and Markets
      John Ramsay, Acting Director
      (202) 551-5500

      Office of Administrative Law Judges
      Brenda P. Murray, Chief Administrative Law Judge
      (202) 551-6030

      Office of the Chief Accountant
      Paul Beswick, Chief Accountant
      (202) 551-5300

      Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations
      Carlo V. di Florio, Director
      (202) 551-6200

      Office of Credit Ratings
      Thomas Butler, Director
      (212) 336-9080

      Office of Equal Employment Opportunity
      Alta G. Rodriguez, Director
      (202) 551-6040

      Office of Financial Management
      Kenneth Johnson, Chief Financial Officer
      (202) 551-7840

      Office of Human Resources
      Lacey Dingman, Director
      (202) 551-7500

      Office of Information Technology
      Thomas A. Bayer, Chief Information Officer
      (202) 551-8800

      Office of the Inspector General
      Carl W. Hoecker, Inspector General
      (202) 551-6061

      Office of International Affairs
      Ethiopis Tafara, Director
      (202) 551-6690

      Office of Investor Education and Advocacy
      Lori Schock, Director
      (202) 551-6500

      Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs
      Timothy Henseler, Acting Director
      (202) 551-2010

      Office of Minority and Women Inclusion
      Pamela A. Gibbs, Director
      (202) 551-6046

      Office of Public Affairs
      John Nester, Director
      (202) 551-4120

      Office of the Secretary
      Elizabeth M. Murphy, Secretary
      (202) 551-5400

      Office of Support Operations
      Barry Walters, Director/Chief FOIA Officer
      (202) 551-8400

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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