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  • optionstrader008 optionstrader008 Mar 3, 2013 3:58 PM Flag

    NFLX is losing 10% to 25% users every three months....

    My guess is most users will have the service for 1 to 4 months....

    We got it for two months and that was enough..... Most of users will take a month or two to see movies they want to see and that will be enough.... Very few will keep it more than 6 months....

    THEN, nflx has to find many new users every months just to keep total users a float.... NFLX believer seem to think that users are going to keep the service until they die.... NFLX IS A SECONDARY SERVICE...

    So Reeds can pump numbers as he wants, but that's just BIG BS to help some big crooks to bank big money....

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    • The Flix just doesn't update content often enough. Not with anything good you can find elsewhere for free.
      That is the reason I canceled.


    • I have surveyed 50 hard core netflix video watchers on xbox/ps3

      and they all say..nothing left to watch on netflix anymore

      now they are streaming crackle/hulu/amzon prime and games are more important than netflix to them

      all sharing passwords and even internation subscribers hate content in their country and logging into usa contnet through "vpn" disguising as usa subscribers

      that is the very reason the scam hype of video bandwidth being pumped by mf cirminal thug reed hastings

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • We 99% want Price/Volume Manipulation in Netflix Trading pit investigated by FBI & criminal Division at Department of Justice. This is the biggest manipulation fraud ever in Wall Street History and Fraud manipulation continues without fear and loot record by this nexus scam gang is over $35 Billion plus in 3 years.Carl Icahn Fraud derivative trade and $800M+ loot in 10 weeks alone shakes the very foundation of SEC Watch dog agency.Can any one explain this fraud trading pit SEC?Look at the fraud manipulation fraud every day. John Ramsey at Trading markets hired a stooge at reception desk and blocking calls, playing music when I call, transferring calls to Mental hospitals instead of transferring call to John Ramsey, why?Robert Cook is the one who blocked my Caller ID and why?

      We have zero trust in SEC now..

      Can you explain, how are you going to proceed to investigate this fraud please?


      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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