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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Mar 5, 2013 2:50 PM Flag

    NETFLIX=SCAMFLIX=NEW SCAM MARVEL FOR FUTURE STUDENTS TO LEARN PONZI SCAM BUSINESS MODELS IN USA And how to Gang up and collude with Deep Washington DC Throat connections & SEC/FINRA Criminal Watch dogs to loot $10's of Billions in months not years...ONLY in USA where you can LOOT Billions with worthless balance sheet by hiding all Unfunded liabilities off balance sheet

    Arrest khujami/schapiro criminals @sec asap and joe ozag @finra

    red alert: insolvent scam netflix still trading and listed for on going loot in billions

    robert khuzami and gang at sec involved in aiding loot with biggest scams on wall street

    netflix scam: all scam weapons used by these criminals

    price/volume manipulation scam
    pump/dump scam news spins
    cook book scam enron style
    insider complete in sync information for scam pumps and dumps.
    fraud research reports by criminal scam gang led by criminal mf thug reed hastings with goldman sachs and morgan stanley key crime partners
    float controlled for scam via hedge funds and weekly derivative scam used for weekly pump/dump scam loot

    one more reason to arrest all wall (fraud) street criminal analysts with fraud pump scam reports to loot usa working class pensions in trillions

    one more reason to shut the sec and start over: william d. Cohan

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    • NETFLIX(NFLX) fraud loot in billions
      Exposed Insider Enrich Scam by Netflix Insiders and their Wall Street Partners
      All Watch Dog Agencies in USA have been tested and they are Protecting Massive loot by Netflix Insiders and Goldman Sachs/Morgan Stanley led scam Gang since 2010/11/12 & now 2013. All Fraud facts proven but S.E.C criminals provide full protection and Blocking my caller ID and harassing me instead.


      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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