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  • t_e_n_k_a_y t_e_n_k_a_y Mar 5, 2013 3:02 PM Flag

    "Google Is Building A Same-Day Amazon Prime Competitor, “Google Shopping Express”


    "Google is stealthily preparing to launch an Amazon Prime competitor called “Google Shopping Express.” According to one source the service will be $10 or $15 cheaper than Amazon Prime, so $69 or $64 a year and offer same-day delivery from brick-and-mortar stores like Target, Walmart, Walgreens and Safeway (though no specifics were mentioned by our sources)."

    Because Google Shopping Express isn't weighted down with extraneous instant movies it will undercut Amazon Prime. And who doesn't use Google Search to locate items to buy? Expect to see "Buy Now" buttons.

    This will put huge pressure on Amazon to rein in expenses on its Amazon Prime expenses. Netflix will be the beneficiary.

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    • And let me add one thing, up until this time AMZN's stock has been teflon coated because the company is viewed as unassailable. They've been lobbing grenades at Apple with their tablet offerings and Apple can do very little to strike back. And then Amazon started to catapult rocks against Netflix' castle with Hastings unable to return fire. Whenever Amazon declared war on someone, that someone was forced to defend without any way to launch an offensive against Amazon's core product.

      But the tables have now been turned as Google assaults Amazon's castle. Google is going after their core and they'll end up causing some real pain.

      We could be seeing the top of AMZN stock price.

    • 1. Hulu in disarray with CEO Jason Kilar leaving and News Corp. fighting with Disney over which direction to go.

      2. Redbox Instant. A non-strater with no TV content. Netflix streaming numbers are showing TV is 80% and on the East Coast up to 90%. Redbox/Verizon only has EPIX which is non-exclusive. Another partnership which is bound to end with a falling out between Coinstar and Verizon.

      3. Reed Hastings accurately described Amazon Prime Instant Streaming as "a confusing mess" and it's going to get even worse as Bezos is now in a price war with Google. Amazon's streaming budget will be whittled down.

      Netflix gets lucky again. Get ready for "Hemlock Grove" on April 19th. The most shocking horror show to ever hit TV.

    • Amazon is fighting too many wars on too many fronts.

      If a company doesn't focus on its core, it leaves itself open to assault. Every dollar Amazon spends on its streaming library, is a dollar stolen from a more efficiently priced shipping service. And here comes Google to exploit that blunder.

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