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  • pro.trader62 pro.trader62 Mar 6, 2013 9:46 PM Flag


    This is really true, people just see limited movies and don't want to pay when they get it from a friend for free. the other day i was at a friends house, he bought a huge smart tv (samsung) and i asked him do you have netflix ? he said no, but i use my daughter's boyfriend account. i asked him why don't you have your own account and he said because i don't really want to pay the $8 bucks a month when i get it for free....and he said the movies are mainly old movies, not that good.

    this stock is a short, i have no posituions anymore because i got burned. but i am sure wanting the shorts to win this battle. this company has a ceo that is full of hot air !!!

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    • And international subscribers using "vpn" to log into usa content too

      scam flix smoking to turn into ash

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    • Yes, I know someone who loans out his password to a friend who doesn't pay.

      In effect, the number of people watching Netflix is far higher than the official subscriber count which backs up the Sandvine report that Netflix is responsible for 32% of all nighttime download streaming versus 1.8% for Amazon Prime and 1.4% for Hulu.

      Although the official subscriber count for domestic is 27 million, there could be 20% or 30% more who have received the password from a subscriber and use.

      Netflix viewership is much higher than official numbers would indicate. Netflix is not clamping down on these freeloaders since it wants the largest footprint amongst the public.

      No wonder "House of Cards" created so much buzz. Word of mouth from 35+ million Netflix viewers (paid and unpaid) is a force to be reckoned with.

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