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  • realtime879 realtime879 Mar 7, 2013 7:41 PM Flag

    NFLX goes down $20 from high and shorts think that they are winning.

    In October, shorts were saying NFLX was going to $20. The "does not bode well for longs" phrase seems hollow when you think it's up $130 since this time. Do you not realize there is a lot more juice to squeeze out from shorts? I think Icahn does. I don't think he will let go until the short interest is below 5%. That might mean another $100 upside.

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    • that $uck carl icahn will get his scam $ss handed to him if does not cash his fraud loot anyway

      look at what that criminal is doing in"HLF" just take revenge from ACKMAN?lol

      ACKMAN trapped him real good

      THIS #$%$ loaded up on MLM PONZI

      and DELL position will be bust too..............

      THIS CRIMINAL NOW LIKE A MAD DOG playing fraud with free money with his IEP poop paper

      TROWE cashing out..leaving the scam Gang network
      One more big fund dumps and MF Carl Icahn gets his scam $ss handed to him next in scamflix
      Whitney #$%$ who brought in CAL icahn in the scam manipulation game cashed iout and so di Jana Partner nexus Whitney tilson scam gang network

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • this is a joke and a tragedy waiting to happen.

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