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  • legionfullmetal7 legionfullmetal7 Apr 22, 2013 4:51 PM Flag

    No matter what the facts say , people continue to buy #$%$. What is a one time expense to pay a debt???

    A one time expense to pay a debt is exactly that paying a debt, and the real number is .05. Now, why any company would do this to shareholders ... I have no idea but it is a dirty play. Est. .20 actual number .05 why would any company exclude that from the calculations to beat an estimate. This fact alone shows it is all about the share price with this company. But no matter what you say or prove people continue to do what they want and they will be crying they were tricked later. Misses include... Netflix, CAT, Halliburton, Hasbro, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo, Ebay, McDonald, American Express, Bank of America, Intel, Target, Wells Fargo, Alcoa, Facebook, ConArga

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