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  • mondomario18 mondomario18 Apr 25, 2013 12:11 AM Flag

    Who did Hastings give the FREE $300 million to and why?

    THE VERY DAY AFTER EARNINGS NFLX quietly coverted (by its choice) $200 million in convertable bonds to 2.3 million shares giving the bondholders a windfall of $300 million. Why did Reed Hastings give away $300 million of shareholder value to and why? The bonds were not due until 2018. Something smells bad.

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    • If you find out post it :-)


    • Ex cfo barry mcarthy/jay hoag board of directors got that fraud loot present
      insider loot scma gang continues to loot billions...........

      hang sec criminal mf's in streets of usa

      atten: mary joe white/mary head & other criminals at “sec”
      netflix scam loot in billions and scam spin earnings $3.1m
      and negative cash flow $42m.
      fraud cook book earning a miss but fraud subsciber hype and nexus scam gang massive price/volume manipulation fraud loot continues with full protection provided by you proven criminals at “sec’”

      here is more loot from fraud funding after july 2011 crash with insolvent balance sheet by ex cfo barry mccarthy now managing scam loot in billions at technology cross ventures………..2018 zero coupon fraud scam tricky funding and here comesw 2.3m shares dump and can you calculate this loot for we the 99% in usa please?
      oct 2011 fraud funding and cashed out april 2013, how fast they loot $100’s of millions?
      and how fast they deplete balance sheet with off balance sheet hidden cook book content bills due?

      only in usa corporate thugs become billionaires in months not even years with ponzi business models and goldman sachs can loot over $5b+ in netflix alone, after trillion dollar mortgage scam and $500m fine by criminals at “sec”

      open challenge to all watch dogs/high treason criminal rulers, academia and obama to debate netflix insider loot scam play book live on tv in usa

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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