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  • sliknoil sliknoil May 17, 2013 10:03 AM Flag

    Apple buying Netflix

    Soon very soon announcement

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    • zero chance of any company paying this much for nflx. Even ICAHN knows it. He planned to push for it to be acquired when he got in cheap. Now he knows no one would touch this at 200+ and I'm sure he is exiting and taking profits.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Are you sure it is not Netflix that is going to buy Apple? LOL...

    • Do you know that you are a committed a fraud by announcing that news. you can be track
      if true, you have insider info and if not true you are scamming pump and dump
      watch out for what you said here

    • Time Warner will buy NFLX, it worked out so well when they bought AOL.

      No real company is stupid enough to over pay to this extent. The content issue is laughable as everyone can bid for content, the technology issue does not exist as everyone can stream and the state of the balance sheet and cash flow are horrible. So NFLX offers a buyer two things, a brand (which in the speed of our economy now only lasts about 10 years, think Quickster) and subscribers. But what do we know about the subscriber base, 10% do not pay and 30% are price inelastic and will simply turn it off if anyone tries to raise prices. Add that in to overlap with existing customers at an acquirer and the any real suitor can not justify paying more than $4 billion for this.

      APPL can create IFLIX for a total investment of $3 Billion...I think they are patient and will simply wait for NFLX to blow up over the next 5 years and pick up the customers for 20 cents on the dollar.

    • Not at this price... It would be cheaper for them to develop their own than throw 20+ bln...

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