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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Jun 11, 2013 3:51 PM Flag

    WHEN WILL CRIMINAL THUG REED HASTINGS ARRESTED?Ex-WellCare Executives Found Guilty of Fraud in Florida

    WHEN WILL CRIMINAL THUG REED HASTINGS ARRESTED?Ex-WellCare Executives Found Guilty of Fraud in Florida

    WellCare Health Plans Inc. (WCG)’s former chief executive officer and chief financial officer were found guilty of fraud in a federal crackdown on cheating in government-funded health programs.
    Todd Farha, 45, the former CEO, and Paul Behrens, 51, the former CFO, were convicted yesterday by a jury in Tampa, Florida, of two counts of health-care fraud, the U.S. Justice Department said in a statement. Behrens was also found guilty of two counts of making false statements.
    The executives were charged in March 2011 with devising a scheme to defraud the Florida Medicaid program and making false, fraudulent statements on expenses for behavioral health-care services. Also convicted were William Kale, 63, a former vice president of WellCare unit Harmony Behavioral Health, and Peter Clay, 56, a former WellCare vice president of medical economics.
    Companies in Florida are required to spend at least 80 percent of the money given by Medicaid for mental health care directly on patients. If they spend less, they are supposed to give the difference to the state. The executives avoided making the refunds to the state by setting up a unit to hide the money from regulators, according to prosecutors. They also falsified information on payments to doctors and mental health centers.
    Whistle-Blower Claim
    From 2003 through 2007, Tampa-based WellCare failed to pay the state $40 million in refunds, prosecutors said. A whistle-blower at the company, financial analyst Sean Hellein, told the Federal Bureau of Investigation about the plot and cooperated in its investigation.
    WellCare has paid out at least $427 million in settlements to government agencies and shareholders since 2007.
    “The company acted swiftly in October 2007 upon learning of the wrongdoing and separated the individuals involved,” Jack Maurer, a spokesman for WellCare, said in an e-mailed statement. “Over the past five years we have cooperated fully with state and federal authorities in their investigations, and resolved all of the issues that directly involved the company.”
    WellCare sued its former executives and that action was stayed pending the outcome of the criminal trial, Maurer said.
    “We have made significant changes to the governance of our company to help ensure that this never happens again,” he said.
    The maximum penalty for the health-care fraud is 10 years in prison for each count. For other charges, the top sentence is five years. No sentencing date has been set. The jury found the defendants not guilty of some charges and reached no verdict on others.
    WellCare’s former general counsel, Thaddeus Bereday, will be tried separately, according to the government.
    The case is U.S. v. Farha, 11-00115, U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida (Tampa).

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    • dude you have been bashing since 50s lol your that asensio charater right lmfao

    • Sir Bart Chilton,

      I am spinning my brain after listening to your comments on "HFT" scam Trading Wash Sales and your book"Ponzimonium: How Scam Artists are Ripping Off America. You are commissioner at CFTC and you had and have the power to stop this fraud loot of USA 99% but I find very disturbing about your comments vs actions to stop this fraud weapons?

      Why were weekly derivatives introduced after 2008 Market crash and for what purpose? Can you enlighten us Sir on these weekly derivatives, when Warren Buffet was already screaming these derivatives are nuke of Financial Destruction?

      Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is right on: AMERICANS are history without Revolution & USA is a Failed State.

      I am forwarding my email which I have been emailing to all watch dog agencies in USA and I have open challenge in USA to debate NETFLIX nexus scam gang ongoing unstoppable free loot in $10's of billions with new fraud weapons handed by FINRA/SEC/CFTC.
      I have open challenge to debate this scam with all Watch Dog agencies, High Treason criminal Rulers and academia in USA and I invite you to accept my challenge too. All your fraud weapons are in use in NETFLIX $60B+ loot Scam..


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      • 1 Reply to singhlion2001
        Why criminal thug Greed Hastings can not be arrested in USA?

        How much protection his scam masters at GOLDMAN SACHS will be able provide??

        HOW LONG OBAMA/ERIC HOLDER can stay in Power to protect this scam gang?

        HOW LONG "SEC" Criminals can cover up this ongoing fraud loot scam?

        how long criminal Jo Ozag at FINRA can cover up this fraud loot scam?

        Red alert in USA

        Biggest Fraud loot record by proven Criminal thug Reed Hastings/Godlman Sachs nexus scam gang in USA FRAUYD STREET CASINO and still going very strong


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