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  • headhunterinva headhunterinva Jun 18, 2013 1:07 PM Flag

    Viacom vs Dreamworks

    So Amazon gets Viacom existing content now but Netflix gets DreamWorks content sometime in the future...after it is developed and produced?? Who knows what the streaming world will look like by the time DreamWorks spits something out for Netflix to show? How much more competition by then?
    Not bashing just asking questions. (OK...maybe a little bashing but warranted?)


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    • You can question what Hastings does but so far he has made all the right moves. It is not that difficult to know what the streaming world will look like. It will be bigger and Netflix will still have a huge lead. Netflix will soon have well over 40 million subscribers and over 3 billion a year content budget. Who can compete against that, nobody even comes close and they never will because in a couple of years Netflix will have doubled those numbers.

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      • Hulu is giving up and Amazon choose not to compete. The race is over. Netflix have grown to big to catch. The stock is surging but Netflix is still underpriced, the internet is taking video distribution to the next level just like cable did years ago.

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      • Hastings couldn't be a worse CEO. Look what he did that dropped the price originally from 300 to 60. It's only because Icahn came in that the price went back up. Now Hastings is messing it up again with this "original content" stuff that isn't giving people the movies they want to see.

      • Who can compete against that?? Uh...just about everybody it looks :-) Let's come back here in a couple years and if the NFLX subscriber number has doubled, I will eat your Tivo box :-)


      • I personally don't think Hastings has made the right moves. I think that Netflix' interface has been terrible. Parental controls abysmal, social participation and reviews neglected (removed following other reviewers etc and basically ended viewer participation). Hastings also sold an enormous amount of stock throughout, even when NFLX was at its lowest, unlike Bezos who over double the years has sold next to nothing.

        Netflix in my opinion is enjoying a powerful position only because it, deservedly, has a large install base due to its focus on a wide variety of quality content and the incredible value derived from an insanely inexpensive monthly subscription charge. But it was the failure to renew the Starz deal (which Netflix desperately wanted to renew) and subsequent difficulties and uncertainties in procuring content that pushed Netflix into a Dreamwork like deal and a quest to become an original HBO like service. In my opinion, they literally fell into this and it looks like it could end up being quite a big deal, long-term. A year and a half ago, I thought the company was finished.

    • Netflix and Amazon will soon be the new cable companies. The flat, channel-less, monthly subscription model now has taken shape and it looks like this: tons of movies, lots of original content, no-channels, no cable box, no more $100 a month plus, and no more having to visit your time warner cable location and sit for two hours replacing your broken remote.

      And btw, the movie theaters might want to pay attention too.

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      • Won't happen. To do this, NFLX would need content, which it has precious little of. Getting more will take big $ and it'll be competing directly with content providers -- who's going to win this battle?? Getting more content would force NFLX to raise prices, so it'll start billing like a pseudo cable company (with inferior content). A more highly viewed NFLX would also obviously increase bandwidth requirements -- this won't be for free! Many are thinking that NFLX will be able to have its cake and eat it too. Not going to happen. Insane valuation will eventually come down when people stop buying/pushing this fairy tale.

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