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  • california_is_greece california_is_greece Aug 29, 2013 5:23 PM Flag

    CNBC Viewership Down

    Is it any surprise that CNBC is losing viewers when all they do is pump stocks daily. I hardly watch CNBC anymore since they have no real value to add as far as investing goes. They pump MOMO stocks and do very little fundamental research. Every day they breeze over hundreds of stocks and give very little reason why they are going to inevitably give it a buy rating.

    Whether you agree or disagree with my thesis one thing for sure, the retail investor is leaving the market. The volumes are less and less, and stocks like this are mostly controlled by Windbags like Icahn or HFT bots. There are a handful of retail investors making money by riding the wave, but your average investor does not want to risk their hard earned money on these tricks.

    It seems that every month a trader is busted for insider trading, the SEC is suing or shutting down a hedge fund, Carl Icahn is pumping some new company, some garbage tech company is going public, and a flash crash or London Whale scheme is going on. Why would John Q public want to get involved or watch a station that is affiliated with this garbage. If CNBC wants viewers they should add value by covering only a few stocks and doing real fundamental analysis on it. If you don't follow this stuff daily do you care about a cup and handle, a golden cross, iron condor, MACD or any other industry jargon.

    Ends the HFT, arrest criminals, investigate algo bot trading schemes, and ban pump scheme twitter comments. Then you may see more people investing and watching CNBC.

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