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  • drod4ball drod4ball Sep 26, 2013 11:33 AM Flag

    no hope

    Seriously crazy that anyone is buying here. Insider sales, negative comments, yet someone is still willing to dump 312 per share into this, blindly, without a clue to true profits. Next year they have to earn over $4 per share. Think about that

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    • yes, there is NO HOPE when you are short....

    • People like you crack me up (when I don't have to deal with them). They never stop to notice how wrong they are.

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      • Okay, please tell me how wrong I am. What is the forward looking PE on this stock? Is their Gross Margin GROWING or SHRINKING? And, when you have that answer, tell that GOOD or BAD for earnings?
        The only reason I have been wrong so far is only because of the greater, more powerful market forces working against me. Even the big boys carrying this up know it isn't right. But they are probably getting kick backs from Icahn and whoever else. IF you really think this market is legit, you're probably the dumbest guy on this board.

    • Obviously this is not trading on fundamentals just like a bunch of HFT algo collusive MOMO jam scams. You cannot trade it based on fundamentals. Very few analysts will actually tell the truth which tells you all you need to know. There are too many of these type of stocks in the market but buying with conviction is nuts just as selling short with conviction is nuts.

      The Fed provided the fuel and the crooks have done the rest and after the fact we may or may not hear some sordid details but do not short thinking the fundamentals will bail you out. They may but the problem is that could happen here or after another parabolic move in the market.

      Tread/trade carefully.

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      • Of COURSE the fundamentals won't bail me out....people are going to continue to dump every dime they have into this overhyped company. Social Security checks, welfare checks, payroll checks...they're even going to empty their 401K accounts to buy this stock. I mean, it's definitely going to 1,000 per share based on $1 per quarter earnings....who can't see that? Makes total sense. Besides, Cramer said to buy the stock just because other people are too, and to ignore the fundamentals. Who can pass up on that advice?? I mean, the guy is on TV after all!

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