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  • bpur63 bpur63 Oct 8, 2013 7:45 PM Flag

    Govt Closure - a Good Thing!

    Birdbrain Americans freaking out about govt closure -- not realizing this is the best gift they have had in a long time. No entitlements being paid out, the only ones that I feel sorry for are the retirees who contributed to all the govt charities and are now likely not getting their due checks. As to the dimwits, masquerading as politicians, good riddance to them. The longer this impasse continues, the more marginalized the govt will become -- let this go on for 6 months and noone will care about the gove anymore. Then these same dimwits will come begging to get their power reinstated -- at which point we should line up the NFL football kickers from all the teams to do the honorable deed and kick these jackasses in their face.

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    • yes, the American myth of the rugged individual who can stand alone... perhaps a valid archetype for the 19th century; now, more like an Amish buggying through Manhattan. You will see how quickly you truly depend on the government and on others, should this drag on much longer. And even if you are loaded with money, and think you can hunker down and survive, runaway inflation will devalue it if we default on our debt obligations. Libertarianism to the degree you hope for is every bit a pipe dream as is the narcissistic belief that there's a god that gives a #$%$ about each and every one of us...

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