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  • rrryahoo rrryahoo Nov 6, 2013 9:54 AM Flag

    NFLX tired


    greater fool theory in full effect IMO.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      What goes way too far up too fast on QE MOMO and utter nonsense eventually comes down and comes down hard. It may not be now but will it be when tapering starts, when tapering ends, when they've sucked in enough retail money?

      It's a matter of time. Delude yourself about this MOMO being the path to vast riches from it's valuation at your own peril.

      Look at 1999-2000, look at the housing bubble. It's always different this time until it isn't.

      I guess you can always hope for a larger POMO Wednesday but we just had POMO Tuesday.

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      • The reality is retail investors are stupid and never learn. Once they get screwed, they'll start complaining about wall st vs main street again. They want riches and glory but never sit back and reflect on tjw game in a which they're being used as a pawn in. They feed wall st and then sit back and complain about it. Just like the people who took out housing loans they knew damn well they couldn't afford. They were hoping to cash in on the momentum and lost. Then they claimed victim mentality. This will be no different. Main street never learns....

    • really, doesn't look tired to me.

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