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  • wall_st_trendsetter wall_st_trendsetter Aug 2, 2014 3:38 AM Flag

    If Netflix makes 2 Billion dollars a year in year XXXX would you have been wrong techstrategy?

    Simple question.

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    • Alright Trendy. Let's apply your standards to your posts. Put forth a detailed 5 year financial model (including all off balance sheet liabilities) that justifies the current stock price. Well track how it comports to reality over time... If NFLX earns $2B in 2025, no... But, my claims relate to the evolution of multiples for the growth stocks controlled by the collusive cartel (especially since the advent of weekly options), not just this trading scam.

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      • Netflix forecast 39% streaming growth for Q3. Hastings is targeting 40% growth and in 5 years revenues will be around 24B a year. International expansion should nearly be over with and big profits will be in the forecast. But there is even a lot more upside to that. Cable are losing video subscribers (another 400,000 in Q2) and are doing nothing to stop the cord-cutting, just content to milk profits from a dying video business while their broadband business grows along with Netflix. In 5 years they will be well on their way out of video distribution which will be losing them money with Netflix quickly filling their spot. Netflix will be adding much more content while filling the huge gap between streaming and cable video subscription fees. Netflix could easily be a $4000 stock in 5 years.

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