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  • dojfraud dojfraud Aug 21, 2014 3:44 PM Flag



    Amazon vs netflix lol

    usa fraud street casino is now pure fraud loot final phase before usa 99% find out about pension bust next in usa

    like they stole homes with biggest mortgage scam in human history

    game over for fraud street casino banksters and high treason criminal rulers

    the fate of usa 99% is now sealed by high treason criminal rulers in the pockets of home grown financial terrorists

    they sold usa 99% muppet's like sheep to be slaughtered on fraud street casino in usa

    netflix loot scam and cover up and protection by fraud attorney general at doj reveals it all

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    • I think you need to go back on your meds.

    • you mean the 2008 housing debacle wihich didnt make the govt make any arrests, and in fact made many nobody mortgage clerks wealthy overnight, as well as forcing banks to take trillions in loans they dont need....THOSE...people are going to put an end to it all? -) I really think the next 12-24 months are going to be another game changer where we ask one thing: who is going to ber first mover? apple netflix,google,at&t, facebook and anything richard branson is involved with, who is going to be telling us what we!? Thats what it really turned to in buying. We let 5 or 6 co's decide what we need, they no longer ask us what WE need. Great. But if I can rent a movie on netflix, leave my comments on both amazons and netflixs boards and maybe even have 2 types of boards 25 and over with no vile language and then we have the trailer park group and the hood rats spouting obscenities at each other. I just want to work for the first company that gives Al Sharpton his own major tv station so he can debate as unintelligently as possibly with the president and other world leaders and he can somehow get himself in a nice big fat mess which by miracle ,should have happened 30 yrs ago. What esle do tnhey want to give us. Movies in our toothbrushes? we can send texts while washing our faces? whats next? I have an about actually inventing something that lets readers, nerds, book lovers and philosophers to go to a brick and morter place in each city like a starbucks to have discussions ,coffee and good entertainment. iot would be a modern day think tank....all for a 5 buck admission. And it could be done virtually too. CHAT ROOMS HAVE BEEN A BIG DISAPPOINTMEN T for the web, hasnt it,. Just like a big party you have to wait in line to get in at?.......... well,,..........we should have chat rooms for different grtoups that people have to wait in line to get in at. and while they wait, they can.......

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