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  • soulec soulec Feb 13, 2013 3:57 PM Flag

    Ben.... HERO long ago!

    Just updating a conversation you and I had a long time ago. I took my LT gains on HERO today and it turned out well. It's got plenty of upside, but from the low $3's buy point, we are happy. Not sure if the GOM rates will continue to increase much more. If they do, I'll re visit!

    I like to update those who might of bought shares on my recommendation, its the right thing to do!

    Got our eye on 3 of our tankers stocks that are such a value it scares me, but some still pay dividends.

    The market is turning to a upward trend or at least out of the black hole, they are a a wow value 5 years from now! Most of the glut of tankers has been absorbed by lack of production and selling off older tankers, I THINK!

    I'm out of GOM drillers for now and glad I took HERO over PKD, or if I got lucky I'm OK with that, I'd rather be lucky than smart(:-)

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    • Congrats on your HERO soule. I do remember being more skeptical but I'm glad to see you had good gains and that HERO turned it around. Haven't been in shipping stocks since long before the recession. Took my FRO proceeds and put it all into its brother SDRL. So I havent paid any attn to that the BDI other than the occasional John Fredriksen bearish comment on tankers for the foreseeable future. Could be a good time for them.

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      • Just when you thought the message boards couldn't get any worse, now you can't even preview your message. Thanks Ben, it was only a matter of time before HERO beat Parker and Parker dow wire this morning is a little confusing on loss even before settlement with SEC, etc.

        Not familiar with SDRL and agree on FRO, the short squeeze way back was sweet but its at the bottom of my list as of current conditions, still on radar. We have 3 stocks to accumulate at a slow pace in the sector and a long time line, 3 to 5 years. The risk is a little higher but as you know in this game, when we loaded up HERO and GNW at bk prices we were told we were idiots, blah blah blah!

        I'm looking at the diversified group in the sector that give their profits in the form of a dividend to pay for the slow sp growth. To me its simple, you either believe in a slow growth economy or you don't, with stock prices dragging the bottom, risk is limited so worst case you make 6%+- dividend and exit if needed.

        What others see as high risk stocks, we see as deep value stocks with limited risk to the downside.