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  • soulec soulec Apr 10, 2013 12:22 PM Flag


    Just for historical reference or if you seek knowledge, when we started a position/trading in this stock 2009 the stock was so thinly traded the Bid and Ask normally had a range of 0.05, as you know this is not even close to the norm. Most trades were 100 share blocks with a gap in bid and ask on low volume. I've actually seem the stock drop 0.45 on 100 share trade.

    My point, we understood this and with our/my market ethics, decided not to pursue the avenue of baker street, why you ask, because it should not be allowed by SEC rules, its not fair to the company, management or other investor's...IMO!

    This is what happens when you allow others to use the power of money to cripple the hard work of other.

    Over the years you just learn its how the market works and its just as level a playing field as every other profession, but in this type case, its almost a joke the SEC allows this to happen to justify the billions they charge to make sure the rules are followed.

    I'm currently working on a case study about this company and how to protect other companies from the same agenda down the road.

    Not that it matters, but its so obvious this is a monopoly in its worse form.

    The math will work out, they(buyer of XRTX) will steal this company for a 60%+- discount to a two year market penetration of cloud storage by taking out the company, even at the specified premium the suitor will steal this company because of the BS knee capping.

    I don't hold a grudge against BS, but where I grew up and playing in the school yard, we didn't "beat up" the weaker just because we could, its not justified in the circle of life...IMO


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    • Thanks for the historical reference. i've traded this stock for the past 7 years or so, initially attracted to the industry, low p/e, cash balance, and low float. I've been right more than wrong on it, although have been caught a few times by getting a little greedy when it traded in the 17 - 20 range and holding through earnings. I like holding it now until there is a resolution with Baker st., which I think will be a sale, or at least the hiring of an investment bank to market the company, which a lot of times has the same affect as a sale in terms of stock price appreciation.

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