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  • soulec soulec Apr 24, 2013 9:48 AM Flag

    Ben...OT WDC

    Just FYI FB is building another data center in Iowa, the need for data is still out there. If you're still holding WDC/STX good luck. I'm out with profits for now and with uncharted territory for both, not sure how the street will react to earnings at current stock prices.

    No doubt they are both making money still and demand for HDD is still there and SSD is up and coming, so the mergers defiantly helped the industry/sector.

    Although I took some profits, I'm still thinking Sandisk LT has the advantage turning the SSD corner and that is the future market for both STX/WDC lt.

    Some people say profits/cash are king, it may be but to me the risk of the unknown has to be answered for me first before I visit on the long or short side again!

    It's kinda like APPL. ok what now, a great company but the stock premium is losing its hold as investor's cash out on a great run

    If you are still invested in HDD sector, good luck.


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    • Yea FB data center probably just one of many; Microsoft/Azure cloud, soon-to-be-announced tier 1(I think cloud). This is a great time for data storage. Here's a few WDC CC comments applicable to XRTX:

      "We believe exabyte growth is a better and more relevant measure of the growth potential for the industry and our company. We believe digital data growth will continue unabated for the foreseeable future with total exabyte shift growing from 600 exabytes in 2012 to at least 5,900 exabytes by 2020, representing a 33% compounded annual growth rate."

      "There are certain aspects of our infrastructure that are very tight, like I mentioned that we're investing in test capacity."

      "Yes, I mean, the -- the drive that's going to the cloud, of highest quality, highest engineered products and they command the margin premium, so they're significantly higher than the margins in the PC space."(XRTX still i think has the only 3.5" test machines and which is the preferred cloud drive)

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      • Jobs Jobs Jobs, No- Data Data Data!!!!!!!!

        As always, WDC did a good job and posted solid earnings, great company and management! What a difference a dividend and cash flow make to lt investor sentiment. Not sure how far sp will go with no historical data but I did see an upgrade this morning on wire.

        I'm thinking the analyst have finally tripped over the SSD nut and realized WDC/STX are in the business(:-)...WDC last move into space(Skyera) was smart.

        Will the institutions sell the news soon, or will they continue to support, we should know by Friday!