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  • donmain donmain Feb 14, 2011 12:15 PM Flag

    Legitimate Reason To Sell

    can anyone give me one?

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    • lol...yeah waterboy. You right.

    • sirius just be honest you dont really know what your doing, your not gonna make millions let alone $100k+. You read some great book like Benjamin Grahams Security Analysis and think you can buy and hold severely depressed companies in the hopes of turning your 100 shares into a $1k gain after 5 years.

    • You wife called and she needed her Vaseline back! lol

    • You have made NOTHING! That's right $0 until you click the sell button.

      And you mark my post: Someone of your mentality is too stupid to read a chart and too gullible on what you read from Pump Pieces. Is this your first Pump & Dump? You clearly act like it is.

      You won't sell. You won't sell when it's going down and you'll have lost this gigantic profit that you claim to have. But what you will start doing is claiming that it's rigged or institutions are dragging it down so they can pick up shares for cheap or whatever else gets you through the day.

      You cling to that dream though of $35 PPS. Keep that dream alive.

      Your village called and they're needing their idiot back.

    • "arrogant &/or stupid to read a chart" brainless chart chaser. I'll tell you what brought your wife to tears..the first time she saw your naked!! lol......stupid people dont make millions in the ones do. yours truly! lol....since you like watching movies why dont you go rent the "Deliverance"...its good to know what will happen to your old a$$ soon.

    • That's all paper profits. And someone as gullible and greedy as you will lose it ALL!

      That's right. I bet you will lose ALL OF YOUR $. I've seen this movie many, many times and it always ends in tears.

      After the volume dries up and the buyers have cleared the building you'll start with the conspiracy nonsense. Then the insanity escalates from there. I would say Seek help now from a mental professional but truth be told, I don't like you and wouldn't mind it if you did off yourself after you've lost all your $.

      Why? Because you're too arrogant &/or stupid to read a chart.

    • You are just a new freaking chart chaser who discovered TA's 200% run...than you went to yahoo analyst coverage and saw a loss coming for Q4 predicted by someone who has been wrong for past 2 years.....and you decided to short first and come bash the stock. You are the moron.....I, dumbsh.t, am ahead $900K dollars in profits alone on TA. I am not a pattern chaser...look at my posts from almost 2 years ago! I have been waiting for value to be unlocked in TA and believed that it was coming because of the HPT/TA relationship!! So, your short A$$ trying to make a couple of dollars talking sh.t here. I will make $4M on TA in next 2 years this and come back to it 2 years from now. LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL!

    • u mean the bi cycle you are going to be riding to the bread line.

    • Aww yes, another lemming blinded by greed looking to white knight your lead cheerleader.

      Newsflash: I shorted this POS Pump & Dump over $12. There is a cycle going on here and you're too blind to see it.

    • You are absolutely correct. Your pain is just beginning.

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