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  • flabdabit flabdabit Aug 28, 2011 9:47 AM Flag

    Freight Down.......

    Fuel sales down with it Pilot/ Flying J always lower in fuel price amenities at the truck stops always lower at P/FJ......... Oh Well all these trucking companys that get pumped here by the pumpers to get you on board with T/A trying to make you belive that because they are up T/A will be up dosen't make it through the wash. If major co. buy fuel at all in a truck stop it would be very little as you should know the majors have there own fuel tanks and when you get close they will make you swing by and get your fuel at the "yard" Drivers fuel cards wont even work within a certain distance of there yard. So don't think because you see a truck that it fuels at any truck stop at all, the majors get fuel at or below T/A price ... Why because they own the trucks and tell them where to fuel T/A P/FJ they Hope they get them in there lot.... Ga Day............ All

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    • If freight is down which it is, you can make the leap to less fuel being used. I don't make predictions about T/A, I am a freight broker not a soothsayer, if you can think without having to see what you think is the truth you would be better off

    • Fuel sales down - can you please share the statistics and the source thereof?

      with it Pilot/ Flying J always lower in fuel price amenities at the truck stops always lower at P/ was it determined that Pilot/Flying J "ALWAYS" lower in fuel price amenities and fuel prices?

      I appreciate your opinions and they bare further analysis so any hard data, links, sources you can share would be great.

      ps I do know what TA's CEO has stated that TA is no longer chasing the lower margin fuel sales. So if TA's fuel sales are indeed down, that in and of itself is not a bad thing, if TA can make more money by selling less (and refrain from tying up working capital on fuel they are not making money on).

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