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  • granicus007 granicus007 Mar 18, 2012 1:37 PM Flag

    Why was Tom O'Brien paid an OBSCENE $2.6 million...

    what was it St. Paul said..."abstain from even the appearance of evil"? Hey, TA shares are cheap and part of the reason they are cheap is because TA/HPT/Portnoy et al have NOT abstained from the "appearance of evil". But I am LONG TA not because of O'Brian, Portnoy, HPT, etc but in spite of them. TA is a great story, deeply undervalued and the Street is just catching on.

    I believe we are just starting to see the rewards of TA's potential. And what was it that Buffett said...own a business that any fool could run...because sooner a later a fool will. I own TA shares because of TA's business model (a duopoly with Pilot/FlyingJ) and compelling valuations-not because of TA & HPT management, nor Portnoy abd his loaded board of directors, etc.
    So, load the wagon before this baby's shares hit double digits. It will all work out well in the end.
    ps and remember, if O'Brian and Portnoy/HPT, etc get too out of hand some of the bigger investors won't have any compunction about suing them just like Mr. Kahn(?) successfully did a couple years ago. And O'Brian and Portnoy know this very well. They do not want a repeat of Nightmare on Elm Street that would come just as sure as the sun shines. They are NOT stupid people.

    • Well said gran....despite it all the numbers say otherwise. This is not a complicated business...its tide very closely to the economy and that is improving and will get better going forward. The decision to buy the 8 location at cheap last year at the cost of diluation was not timely for shareholders at the time but did prove to be a great long term play...we now have 9 centers fully paid by that move alone...and will probably buy another hand full as the year comes to the end.

      The game plan here is very simple....more center = more fuel and non fuel sales = more net cash. If they would to turn over these additional centers to HPT and buy more with the proceeds then it would create the same objective. However, I would rather seem them buy more center on fire sale from the net income that the company continues to produce and keep these center without rent and rent increase. Ultimately that is the best model to have.

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