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  • expert_picks expert_picks Jan 11, 2013 9:40 AM Flag

    Why all the Canadian Investors in top 10?

    This is proabbaly a silly question. But I just noticed this. Can anyone speculate as to why the top 10 intuitional investors are mostly Canadian firms?

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    • OT: The USA could solve all it's financial problems by simpy taking over it would make all my hunting and fishing licenses so much cheaper. Cheers.

    • Well, I don't know where our man Granicus is today but since he doesn't have my back, let me take a shot at your question ... after careful analysis, I've determined that Yahoo is completely worthless ... you see, since TA has roughly 29 million shares outstanding, it would be tough for the Royal Bank of Canada to own 15 million shares and only 5% of the outstanding shares ... if fact, if you take Yahoo's top three holders, it adds up to more than the total outstanding shares ... I find that very unlikely ... in fact, I would estimate that my Fidelity list is more accurate (and this list has no stinking Canadians ... actually, I like Canadians (who doesn't)):

      Harvey Partners, LLC 09/30/12 1.4M $7.2M 4.98%
      KENNEDY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, INC. 09/30/12 1.1M $5.4M 3.72%
      WHITEBOX ADVISORS, LLC 09/30/12 637.6K $3.2M 2.21%
      SHAW D.E. & CO., INC. 09/30/12 569.5K $2.9M 1.98%
      RENAISSANCE TECHNOLOGIES, LLC 09/30/12 526.5K $2.7M 1.83%
      True Bearing Asset Management LP 09/30/12 374.4K $1.9M 1.30%
      VANGUARD GROUP, INC. (THE) 09/30/12 323.8K $1.6M 1.12%
      BRIDGEWAY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, INC. 09/30/12 322.0K $1.6M 1.12%
      BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A. 09/30/12 198.9K $1.0M 0.69%
      Whippoorwill Associates, Incorporated 09/30/12 181.6K $915.3K 0.63%

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    • Uh, why Canadian ... isn't it obvious? Granicus, you tell him.

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