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  • jthaiphu jthaiphu Mar 13, 2013 5:37 PM Flag

    Changing earnings date again!?

    U gotta be kidding me! #$%$ this is like an episode of the Keystone Cops!

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    • Maybe they had to get some last minute replacements to the 14 TA bean-counters that didn't show up after they became millionaires overnight.

      On that thought, maybe some of them might put in a few buy orders with their winnings.

      My next thought is that since they suddenly got a load of cash, maybe they needed to push earnings off to get a chance to buy a bit more. We will see if there is a nice rise Thurs & Fri.

    • The bottomline is that its totally unavoidable and disrespectful to us investors. The first date change was allegedly an error. These next two are just plain ridiculous. We are reporting at the absolute latest possible time as its is and now we just change the dates around like its a cable tv service appointment or something. "Oh its no big deal, we'll just do it next week when its more convenient for us" "our investors wont care, its about us not the investors".

      This is the attitude these guys have. Unfortunately.

      I am long on TA too. Have been for years. But there is a reason Forbes vote TA as having the second to last worse Board of all Publicly traded companies last year. Its the stuff like this that adds up

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Once, shame on you.
      Twice, shame on me.
      Three times, who the F knows?

      This is really bizarre. If something big is coming, why not simply announce the Dec quarter results a week or two ago and then announce the big news whenever it is ready. No good reason to tie the two events together.

      So, I sorta think there isn't any big news. Simply someone is maybe sick or traveling or some other stupid reason. I can't imagine TA CEO is happy with appearing to be a dufus.

      All that said, maybe they are working to squeeze the last dollar from the acquirer, instead of being content with $14 per share, they are trying to get $15.50.....dreamin.

    • ok, to me this confirms something is up!
      Look at the calendar. TA is holding the call almost at the END of the entire Q1 period for LAST YEAR.
      I suspect there is something GOOD going on. Anything related to Q4 2012/Year-end 2012 is 3 months old already.
      So my money is something BIG must be going on...

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