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  • jimtorpet jimtorpet Mar 19, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    momo done

    time to reverse here, chart is ugly and long holders will begin to reverse their trade, no more upside here

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    • Are you sure??? Have sit down and did some analysis on this company to see what the "Fair" value of this company should be based on some valid metrics?? Have you looked at TA's close comps to see what valuation they are trading at? If so you would know that we are not even close!

    • You ladies are trying way too hard. TA could have flat revenues, flat earnings, and flat everything for the next decade and the stock is still going to reach at least 18 in the next year or so. Why? Because that is what it is worth. At 18, EV/EBITDA is only 5. And if it doesn't march steadily to 18 over the next year or so, it WILL get there in one big jump when someone offers to buy it. But keep trying, you're entertaining.

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      • Only 18? Let's go for 100 while we're at it! Yes flat everything. That's why the stock was in the $4's and $5 for most of last year and into this year. Nothing has changed with the company. The stock market has gone bubble mode is the difference. When reality comes back, TA will crash back to earth. Even if you're still a bull on the market, there's thousands of stocks to choose from. Why buy a stock with zero growth. It will always trade at a discount!

    • There's a ton of momo traders here. They will try to keep it propped up. When they leave, the stock will quickly drop back to $7's. Or maybe $6's. Buyers in the $9's should have their head examined. Chasing a stock up 100% in 3 months on no fundamental change. There's a reason the stock was in the $4's in December. TA has zero revenue growth, projected earnings decline in 2013, boring business, razor thin margins, huge seasonality, and an ugly loss coming up in Q1.

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