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  • dogtickpara11 dogtickpara11 Apr 12, 2013 2:15 PM Flag

    $15.00 before below $9.40

    Dont listen to the blow hard SHORTS that show up here on down days calling for the end of the TA..Calling that Travel Centers stock is going to go below $9.20:horse manure nonsense.This dip is just what Dogtickpara11 has been waiting for:and if you are a true TA long you will buy all the way down this dip to around $9.50 if it gets that low not sure..Blow hard josuafle is to be ignored only shows-up on down days,and is coward.TA WILL SEE $15.00 BEFORE EVER SEEING BELOW $9.00...So if your long TA have guts and buy,BUY,BUY,BUY into this gift,and ignore josuaflea..

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    • "WONT GO OVER $11.00 UNTIL WE SEE $9.20" LOL quit licking your butt and change your name to flipnflop11 ...

    • The big boys,,hedge funds,,Cramers under table freinds,,and all other maket SCAVENGERS have been waiting for a big pull back in this TA..Thats why Cramer,and other carcass eagle,,turkey vulture,,buzzard bird,,market scavengers keep there mouths shut regaurding TA.These market scavengers----big boys want TA on the cheep,and they will get it so;as they always do..Dogtickpara does not really know how low the market scavengers will be able to take Travel Centers down to;usally more then you would think...Good luck TA longs,and play this smart...Dogtickpara11 will be buying down into this dip as far as it goes:because the big boys,,market scavengers,,carcass eagle,,dirty buzzard bird,,turkey vaultures are up to there tricks with TA stock...Dont get fooled:buy all the way down this dip even bellow $9.00 if it goes that low,and fear not:because once these market scavenger,,dirty buzzard bird,,turkey vulture,,carcass eagles have the fill they will spring this back-up over $15.00 in a heart beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FEAR NOT,,FEAR NOT,,FEAR NOT BUY INTO THIS DIP,AND YOU WILL WIN.

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