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  • ltreankler ltreankler May 7, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

    great stock bad reporting of the cc

    This stock did pretty much exactly how i had expected with it going up 10 percent from yesterdays close based upon no setbacks on a surprisingly missed Q1. That being said I thought the CC was extremely conservative and could have pushed some obvious advantages and some possible opportunities rather than pushing off the flying J issue and how it could help new business and how he pushed the shell deal being an extremely long term impact rather than sooner. I would say...with the right CC we could be positive right now but I was not impressed and it looks like others weren't either. I do however feel TA will be just fine and need to fine tune how the CC's are presented and look into really pushing the idea of taking customers from Flying J because that's what pushes this higher right now. Growth and future movers that get us in the upper teens. I don't see much different in this stock from this CC besides the shell deal taking more time than within the next year or 2. Still see a 15-20 dollar stock by end of year. For Q2 they need to work on their CC's and possibly have someone else talk because i wasn't impressed with their speaker.

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    • The CEO stated the Shell deal perfectly. Think about it this way, what if every TA site already had nat gas pumps? It wouldn't matter because there are not ANY (relatively speaking) fleets that would use them. We are years away (if ever) from having numbers of vehicles running off nat gas.

      You buy TA stock if you believe the economy is improving and if you believe it is worth an EV/EBITDA of 6 or 7. If you don't believe these two things, forget about it.


    • Everyone needs to remember that TA is a low float stock. It doesn't take much to move it in large numbers either direction. These type of companies are volitale to own.

    • CEO doesnt get better with age...ive followed TA for years and as much as I try I continue to be unimpressed with the CEO.

    • I couldn't agree more. I've been a shareholder for many years and O'Brien is just horrible. However, I assumed that with all the recent positive developments he would've been somewhat more optimistic. When he compared the Shell deal to how it took from the 1930's until the 1950's to adopt new automotive technology, I wanted to jump through the line and wring his neck. What kind of CEO makes that analogy without prompting. Having said that, I do agree with you that the economics/fundamentals of this company speak for themselves and by the time we are looking at the results after Q3, even O'Brien should sound bullish.

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      • Exactly, felt the same way. Along with how he continued to brush off Flying J situation. I understand they are a friendly competitor and TA doesn't need to sound like they are jumping on them while they are down but he simply could have stated the obvious. TA is a publicly traded company with a strong reputation and price guarantee. With these factors I see sales of TA growing for many reasons and believe we very well could see some strong sales growth from customers looking for a reliable source to do business with. Even with that he implies the obvious without looking like what some may look as kicking the guy while he's down. Again, strong company, still feel the same way as i have before, but CC presentation was not up to par.

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