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  • dr_p1 dr_p1 Oct 15, 2001 6:08 PM Flag

    Class Action Suit

    Can ANYONE please fill me in on the status of the class action suit? I filed my forms months ago and haven't heard anything! Anything happening????

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    • General:True,gene was not yet a glint in his parents eyes,however he does remember BLACK JACK Pershing,and what a man he was.
      Those were the days of retribution,unlike today where the prisons are filled with these
      men of the devil,with their demonic ideas.
      gene heard that the persons who bombed the WTC in 1993 are serving life sentences,and there are probably those who think this is being severe.
      Well as the poet says "this world and i shall neer agree"
      General again gene looks forward to your posts and finds them interesting,educational,and thought provoking and sometimes very funny,as the story about Danny Kaye, gene still laughs thinking of it.
      BEST REGARDS as always gene

    • Allegedly (the General was not present and genepond was not yet a glint in his parents' eyes), a century or more years ago, then Captain John Joseph Pershing (1860-1948) commanded a garrison in the Philippines from 1899-1903, following his service in the Spanish-American War (1898).

      Pweshing fought an ultimately successful campaign against the hostile Moros (Muslim Filipinos) that helped him achieve national prominence.

      Following his promotion to Brigadier General in 1906, Pershing was again posted to the Philippines where he reassumed his campaign against the Moros, completely defeating them in 1913.

      Supposedly, one of the tactics Pershing's troops used to destroy the Moros' morale would be to have small groups of captured terrorists dig their own graves at the head of which they were tied to individual posts, execution style.

      Some swine were then brought into their presence and slaughtered. The firing squad would then dip their bullets into the pigs' blood and coat them in the suet and one by one, the prisoners would be shot, their bindings cut to allow their body to fall into the prepared grave and the pigs' blood and entrails would be poured atop the corps.

      All but one prisoner from the group was executed in this manner. That individual was then released to return to tell others what he'd witnessed and the fact that, in their death they were rendered "unclean" and thereby condemned to spend eternity in perdition.

      It wasn't exactly a quick fix to the marauding problem
      (1899 to 1913) but it may have played a role in getting some to consider whether martyrdom and romping with the virgins would be their ultimate reward for their attacks on the infidels.

    • Gen,

      Oh!! Jack Benny! Got it! Sorry for my failure to understand. No need to "beg my pardon". I am not too easily offended;and, just did not understand. I do appreciate you and others such as "flipper" for your continuing willingness to share with the less erudite like me.

      Thanks again.

    • General,

      Your frequent knowledgeable posts (how far back do you really go??) continue to intrigue of these days I must meet the man behind the keys.

      I'm sorry that I (we) were a bit unkind to the poster who asked about the lawsuit status. Since early Sept I fear many of us have had somewhat shorter fuses than is desirable.

      I will continue to monitor your posts, and the board, and only need to get to a current stock price of somewhere around $400/share to recoup my losses. That most likely will take a while...


    • see message 18606 below

    • dr_p1, read message #18606.

      Have you ever considered helping yourself by simply scrolling down the titles on the past few pages of postings? You'll frequently find the answers you're seeking, obviating the need to post the question.

      • 1 Reply to GenJackripper
      • Holycow General. You and feduke kinda treated dr_p1 like a red headed step child there. Maybe Ive missed something but hell he just ask a question and who better to ask then you with all your intelect about (all) this stuff. I depend on many of you for my understanding of whats going on and admire your knowledge but I thought that answer was just a little out of the ordinary and unexpected. THERE ARE NO DUMB QUESTIONS especially when ask of experts and educators in their field. Hope I have not offended anyone, just making an observation. Some of us out here are still learning and depend on you and your posts.

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