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  • flipper_58 flipper_58 Nov 7, 2002 8:59 AM Flag


    Don't let all the bulls scare you away. You bring knowledge here which most are not totally versed in. Of course no one likes to see negative information on investmetns they own but it's important we all are aware of it and WE can make our own decisions on it.

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    • << $20+ in the near future. >>

      That "+" sure cya in case someone was to chide you for being too 'conservative' (again). :-)

    • Point well taken. Now mark this in your book this stock is headed for $20+ in the near future. If you see me post Strong Sell you need to call your broker. And that is the bottom line. Generel I do respect your knowledge and your common sense. Thanks

    • Thanks for the encouragement folks.

      I'm actually happy to see so many "Bulls" as I am a contrarian. I want to sell when everyone else is so bullish they can't hardly stand it.

      I would be more active despite the fact that I seem to be the only bear in the woods, but there are some limits on my time that just won't go away.

      The activity you saw in yesterdays market has all the earmarks of specialist short selling. Since we are traded on the New York Stock Exchange we are uder the "Specialist" system of market making. The specialist for a given stock has a license to steal. They can run a stock up on a small amount of volume and then sell short. They, must sell short on an uptick, but they have the ability to "create upticks". Just as I suggested earlier, we saw a pause at $16.50, and now we have seen what I believe is a top at $17.00.

      I don't have time to elaborate, but you have been doing your Elliot Wave homework. When I have a chance I'll explain how I interpret the current wave count. Remember, every wave is constructed of smaller and smaller sub-waves.

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      • You said the roof was at $16. Now you say $17. When the stock goes to $18.25 I am sure you will say $19. Once again after looking at the whole picture I must remind you the bottom reads. Long Term Sentiment. If the readers follow your sentiment. They have been selling since $12. The facts speak for themselves. I prefer the cash over your Elliot wave homework. You might be the only bear in the woods for a reason.

      • well ccastaff said interpret!!!! It is just an opinion and I am SURE he has been wrong many times... The CXW chart is really pretty contructive compared to most in this bear market...the 50 dma appears to be ready to cross above the 200dma..I do see the stocastics overbought but with the MACD green that is OK..and with a pullback it can be bought... generally speaking.. as you know the market is quite unpredictable so sometimes things work and sometimes they dont...I just dont care for people that seem to be a stock broker with E. F. Hutton, the stopck market taught me humility... this is only MHO... Good luck

    • Hear!, Hear!

      The General would like to 'ditto' flipper's encouragement in message #19806 (except that he would like to take editorial license and correct the typo in "investments").

      The devil made me do it. :-)

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