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  • RoyTheGote RoyTheGote Mar 1, 2004 12:09 PM Flag

    CXW plunged 98 - 01. What happened?

    it went "tango uniform" because of an individual named doc crants.

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    • I'll take a stab at this, anyone that can correct me/fill in the blanks please do so.
      CXW is a not the symbol from back when, used to be PZN. They evolved into some kind of reality trust that went belly up (more or less). Stock did a reverse split, see yahoo charts for numbers.

      The fallout from PRZ was pretty messy, lawsuits that resulted in payments and the issuance of the series B prefered stock.

      After reorganization they went back to their core buisness of running private prisions. Past couple of years they have been getting their act together in that capacity.

      As of late the debt and lawsuits have been steadily paid down with the end in sight. This is sketchy and based on my half hearted attemtps to keep up on a gamle of an investment from the crash of PZN.

      IMHO - CXW is doing a fine job focusing on their core buisness. If you look at their competitors as listed on yahoo you will see that CXW is the largest. Read about their competion and you will see that the companies are not even in the same class.

      IF my DD is correct and CXW does not again have delusions of grandure I see a very bright and financially rewarding future here.

      Go back and search posts by GenJack, Slowdiver6 and others as there is very good information posted that can assist you in your Due Dillagance.
      (just ignore the typo's, the kids don't let me use the computer very much)

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