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  • oystergrouch oystergrouch Dec 18, 2005 7:23 PM Flag

    Hi Folks

    Just dropped in to see whar the general, the princess and flipper were talking about. You folks are all so intelligent and informative. What's with all this swearing? Very disappointing to see such a high quality board become infected by low life. Any explanation for the sharp rise in price in November? Just checked my records and....would you believe....I have owned this company for close to 10 years. Bought it as CCA. Then PZN and now CXW. It has been quite a ride and some of us have been "friends" for a long time. And we supported each other during those dark, PZN, days. Still wonder about Skelly. He was a nice guy. Remember there was a nasty accident. Hope he and his family are well. Guess the coming News Year's celebrations have triggered my journey down memory lane.

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    • mr grouch
      Earnigs were up strong as a result of Yongstown expenses related to restart winding down and the income from the filling started flowing in. Nov 3 news headline.

    • Hey grouch - good to see you dropping in. This board has pretty well gone blank recently. Guess the slow, steady crawl back over the decade you've been a shareholder doesn't dig up much contoversy. I've been here even longer, but who counts when the direction is up. It was the long past crash that just about did me in. General, princess, mk, and flip, drop in now and again. I miss pk4mom tho'.
      Maybe the New Year and $50 plus will bring back the old gang - as long as Yahoo! can keep the board open on a regular basis.
      Merry Christmas, good health, and lots of success in the New Year to you, and all the "old timers" who happen to drop in.

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      • Nice to hear from you. Since you have been a shareholder for so long, maybe you have an idea of what has happened at CXW. Something I have been wondering about. I bought CCA after a series of long talks with its Dir. of Investor Relations, whomI met at a NAIC convention. She told me its history and philosophy. Mainly, the prisons were designed by a retired warden who was asked to design the ideal prison. He did so and became the partner of an MBA type. The 2 started the business in the early 80s. It featured safety for the guards and opportunities for the of gang activity. Guards and other employees were shareholders..........which effectively eliminated desire for unions. Guards were encouraged to develop careers in corrections and there was much inhouse education. Opportunities for the inmates included award winning rehab programs, education and work. The result was an extremely low recidivision rate. I am wondering if this philosophy continued after the two founders retired. Do you know? It made me proud to be an owner.

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