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  • bigmama_slyfox bigmama_slyfox Feb 24, 2006 11:01 AM Flag


    Oh ya. They had a couple people come to our facility and conduct an investagation...what a joke!! First thing they were asking questions about the perverted Chief but if they cared about his actions they wouldn't let this occur. He was already let go once before for improper conduct... so this seems to be something they are going to tolerate at NEOCC. What about us.... guess were not that impotant. Protect and abusive SOB and a prevert instead of us...WHY... Why Mr.Fergueson... Hotline...what a joke. Somebody help us.

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    • mioh st,
      Wow. This has got to take the cake.Some one thinks Thorpe is reason we are here. How all of us who work OT and bust our humps night and day. That is the problem around here. We don't get the credit, we get verbally abused and speak out. You as ignorant as you are praise Thorpe. WOW. Thorpe wasn't here when we were scrubbing floors before one inmate came through these doors. Don't tell us he is the reason. He is ignorant, abusive, and a well you know. Wow!!!!! You praise him... that makes me laugh.

    • You would think that Thorpilicious would spend more time canging his inappropriate behavior instead of heading up a witch hunt. Not only is the Chief "Investigating" he has Bingham trying to BS people into admitting that they posted here. Bingham told us today that Thorpe is going to fire anyone who reads this board.

    • He also lies to staffall the time. I like how he calls the employee holine - the snitch line. He also refers to the CCA Way as a "cult for losers". Nice leadership! I like how him and he Chief are interviewing staff to find out the names of the people posting here. Just look around the facility, it is everyone who is tired of your abusive behavior! I am glad to see that you alone are the savior for the facility and you gave no credit to your staff (us) who did all of the work. When is the last time you visited a unit? When is the last time you said thank you to an employee? If you spent less time following your girlfriend around in intake, you would realize that there are more employees than you and her. How come she didn't get a PSN for messing up count but two black officers did for the same thing and were suspended? Nice leadership...what a joke!

    • Nice post William, only an idiot like you would think that you didn't post this message. Your post proves what a jackass that you are! You really believe that you solely are the reason for the success at NEOCC? This from the guy that leads the department with the most notices of concern from the BOP (you know that they are on the share drive right - 13 of them!)What have you taught anyone here except for hate and discontent - you routinely bad mouth CCA as well as people like Jimmy Turner, yell at staff, threaten to fire people, as well as throw temper tantrums like a two year old in public. Your sexually inappropriate comments to both men and women may be appreciated by your perverted Chief, but no one else. No one appreciates your racist views either...quit referring to us as Youngstown Blacks. Is your leading success in the BOP and "the industry" what earned you the nickname "Torpedo Thorpe"? You are doing one heck of a job sinking our facility. Was your leadership and teaching styles what caused you to lose two radios and then cover it up? What about the night you left early as the ADO and the inmates refused to lock down? Where were you William - I know you are used to leaving at 4, but did you have our best intrest in mind? It is really sweet that you stood up for your girlfriend "Bridgett" but don't you think you should stop Lisowski from calling the Warden "Golden EyE"? It is very inappropriate like his sexually oriented comments towards women. William - it is nice to see that you spell TEAM with an I!

    • .he lost 2 radios at work and paperwork was never filed! he talks about accountability

      I guess you didn't know about this. That isn't common in the BOP.

    • mioh,
      You must be ignorant and don't relly read this board. Just because he is whatever you say he is doesn't give the green light to do and say the things he says. When you say the bashing has to stop why don't you tell your boy Thorpe. Tapia is a good Warden and we all like him, his only downside is he let's Thorpe get away with his rudeness. So educate yourself.

    • This bashing has got to stop. People obviously really don't care about the posted messages. I only hope someday you can find peace with yourself and karma dont come back to haunt you... Let me tell the readers the truth.. Northeast Ohio would have absolutely never, in a million years been able to make it WITHOUT Thorpe or Tapia. Stockholders (real stockholders) This guy thorpe is and was a success in the field of corrections and is an asset to Northeast Ohio and the industry. Everyone at NEOCC thought we knew corrections and the way to run a prison but the BOP contract was a rude awakening to ALOT of people and hurt some EGO'S and here we are today bashing a guy who has had the patience to teach and adapt to a profession that we all thought we knew .... when in fact... We knew nothing about the BOP and how they run their prisons. In the ramp-up of our prison, in such little time, we have overcome huge obsticles and have recently passed a CFM audit. To bash a woman who works hard everyday and to put her in this mess is uncalled for... So... in closing.. basically give it up..

    • what is n?t

    • Whatever! Do you honestly believe that these so-called confidential reports stay off the tainted desks at Corporate? Be careful!!!

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